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Post # 1
So, I have heard of Ghosts and Spirits, and about how you banish them with spells, or Holy water, or salt, but I just need some info about them. I want to ask the community because I can trust that you guys give good information, so I ask you,

1) Are spirits and ghosts the same thing?
2) What do I banish them with?
3) Do they need to be banished?
4) Is there any other information that I need to know about?


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Re: Spirits
Post # 2
I'm no exbert but hope this help:

1) Are spirits and ghosts the same thing?
yes. They are both an idea and a perception. Scientifically anyway.
Ghosts in my view are those who and break the boundaries of life and death, knocking, foot steps if something influences the physical relm it is a ghost.
Spirits is anything on the spirit relm. I have a spiritual form and a spiritual aura. Sure the aura manifests in a physical form sometimes but anyway. Point is, from what I believe and know, spirits are those in the spirit relm, ghosts are those who force something from the spirit relm to the physical relm.

2) What do I banish them with?
Nothing that holywood says. Holywood is bull poopy, period.
If you really need to banish an unfriendly ghost for what ever reason, your best option is a ritual. Spells are unreliable if you don't believe they will work, in my experience spells are 60 percent belief, 30 percent intent, 9 percent magic and 1 percent luck. *ducks from flying summon pitch fork spells*
personally, I had a brush wth a demon recently and it took both my goddess [artemis] and my sole bound to banish it from my aura. In short, you eed a ritual.

3) Do they need to be banished?
Not all the time. It depends on the intent. A ghost may want to say hello, pass on a message, tell you to get out of his chair, want some sugar for his tea or kill you. It is very dependant on the ghost. Most of the time asking them first to leave or behave is your best option before you go for banishing. Banishing can be painful for the ghost as well and we wouldn't want to do that to bob who just wanted some sugar!

4) Is there any other information that I need to know about?
Not that I can think of accept this:
Do not! DO NOT! do a ritual to or for the dead. period!
It opens the gates and you get all kinds of poopi in.
If you are banishing, make sure you close and locks the gates behind them and make sure you:
1. banish the ghost
2. make sure none other gets in while banishing
3. close the gates and lock them
4. Clense your home or place or ritual

While some of the above is personal opinion, I hope it goes a way to helping and please don't send the flying pitchforks my way!
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Re: Spirits
By: / Novice
Post # 3
Ooooh, I love point questions!

1) Are spirits and ghosts the same thing?

Yes. Most who work with 'ghosts' typically call them 'spirits' out of respect, but I've heard of people who classify them differently, like a 'spirit' was once a human, a 'ghost' was once an animal, but that's personal preference and not a universal law. Most people on this site call all ghosts spirits, so treat them as the same thing. If you're unsure, go with spirit. [unless your personal views are different]

2) What do I banish them with?

Many things. It depends on a few factors. The most common is probably sage smudge, or sea salt water. Sage smudge is a bundle of dried sage you burn like incense but is thick enough you can hold it and waft the smoke throughout the house. Of course the key in any spell is energy and focus, but the magickal properties of sage can cleanse energy [specifically negative] and you can then protect the house/person/object and charge it with positive energy. Cleansing can also be used on energy build ups, so it's a good thing to look into. There are more complex rituals to actually banish a spirit, but majority of the time it's unnecessary.

3) Do they need to be banished?

Depends. Many people hear a noise and conclude an evil spirit wants to kill them. In reality, it could of been the house settling. If a spirit is in your home, they usually don't want to hurt you. Many spirits were human at one point, they could be lonely and want a place to stay for a little while. Some enter homes and decide they want to protect the people inside. It's best to try and talk to the spirit first, sometimes you can just ask them to leave and they will. If you've got a particularly stubborn spirit who's attacking people you should banish it, but in all my years living with spirits, I've never had to banish any. I had to make a protection charm for a friend because a spirit was mad at her, but I never had to banish anything. I do regular cleansings and that seems to do the job of keeping negative beings at bay.

4) Is there any other information that I need to know about?

Oh there's tons of stuff you should learn about but I don't have the time. I suggest studying before seeking out a spirit. Firstly, research the logical explanations of spiritual encounters to rule out anything natural. Many 'ghost sittings' are people's imaginations running wild because of a strange sound which could be explained if investigated. You should also look into cleansing and protection to be safe. I also suggest avoiding a Ouija Board, it's not evil but It's a spirit magnet when used correctly that can bring more trouble than it's worth. You should look into other forms of divination such as pendulum work, automatic writing, or skrying.
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Re: Spirits
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 4
This thread has been moved to Spiritual Creatures from Welcome.
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