Not sure how this works?

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Not sure how this works?
Post # 1
I am new, and I'm not sure how this works. I'm not very tech savey.
I have denied my abilities for a long time but now I feel that my destiny may be in jeopardy. I havnt felt so strongly about somthing ever! Not sure how to deal with this feeling. I could use some advice.
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Re: Not sure how this works?
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
Abilities? We all have abilities, so to speak. Developing skill with magic works the same as with anything else: practice.

Meditation is always a great place to start! And read as much as you can. Many here will be happy to recommend books and other resources, or warn of bad sources.
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Re: Not sure how this works?
Post # 3
Denied your abilities? How so? I don't know how much I can do to help, but I can listen, and give the best advice I can. Can you go into depth on what it is that you feel? Describe the feeling...
You can even try meditating on it first, if that helps you. I am going to be meditating soon actually, so just take your time. If you want to message me, or don't feel comfortable talking about it on a public forum, click on my profile.
Above that should be a bar that has a tab that says mail.
Click that, and message me if you want. :)
Other than that, I'm going to be meditating for a while, and try to get rid of some negative junk.
If you have any questions or anything you need advice on specifically, I'll be happy to answer to the best of my ability.
I'll even research topics if you'd like.
Always happy to help.

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Re: Not sure how this works?
Post # 4
Here's what I could use some advice about
About 20 years ago I met a psychic, she was a amazing. Everything she said has come to froision except the last thing. She told me that I would marry a man I went to school with and move North. A few weeks ago I was thinking of what she said,and who this man could be. A few minutes later I got a message from an old friend from school.he had always had a crush on me, but he wasn't my type. We talked and it was amazing. I was never physically attracted to him, but he was so nice and humble. He asked me out, and we had an amazing time. He is buying property 4hrs Northn and moving there in 3 years. A few days later he stopped communicating with me. Like he froze up. He told me he is afraid of his heart getting in the way of his plans agin. Every time I think about him it brings me to tears. I'm scard, I think I'm afraid that my soul mate, the one person I may actually love, my destiny is lost. I don't want to force it to happen. So I don't know what to do. I can't stop thinking about it.
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Re: Not sure how this works?
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 5
Here's a thing about psychics and readings about the future: whatever method of divination they use reveals but a guide and a possibility; not something set. From there it is up to the querent to either pursue the outcome or change it.

Things don't 'come to fruition' on their own in every case -- not in most cases.

You've said you're not even attracted to the guy, but he fits wjat the psychic told you otherwise. Is that the only reason you're interested in him? Every similar relationship I have seen has ended badly.

Just be careful and thoroughly consider your actions and their motives.
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Re: Not sure how this works?
Post # 6
Take some time to really analyze what you're feeling. If he's it, you'll know. You won't have to wonder. I personally believe there is more than one match for everyone. He might be going through a hard time, or he may have been used or hurt by someone. That can definitely stall things. That all depends on how you feel though... The best way to discover your own truth is to find it with your own divination. Psychics can be good, but there's no better person who knows you better than yourself... And possibly your spirit guide, if you believe in that.

I would definitely recommend meditation for you, because you seem really stressed about this. I haven't had much time to lately, so if anything, I understand if you don't have time.
Just try to approach the situation with an open mind. And even have a good cry, if that's what you need. Conflict and confusion in relationships can be very hard, so no one should judge you for feeling how you feel, even if it's just a strong desire for a soulmate.
It still hurts.
You have to care about this person at least a little if you're worried about why he's not talking to you.
My best suggestion?
Calm down, think about it, cry it out if you need to.
Then send him a message, and let him know he can always talk to you.
Just once. Just to get the message out there.
Then leave him to make his decision. He'll come to you if he's ready, and if he feels strongly enough about it.

And don't get too broken over one mixed message.
You never know who could be waiting for you.
Maybe someone even better, don't lose hope in love.
Just don't get to invested in one person until you're sure.

Good luck. :)
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