Hi I'm new

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Hi I'm new
Post # 1
Hi my name is Teresa and I am new to this kind of I was with a group before this and they said they were from old magic.we did some things that brought out some strong powers but they left me hanging so I came hear. Somone here told me I need to cleanse my self to help and if I don't know how. I am to get advice here so I'm hoping to learn more then that and I think I will learn alot hear. Also I hope to make friends here and learn from them.
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Re: Hi I'm new
By: / Novice
Post # 2
By old magic, what do you mean? What were some common practices or rituals? That may help us relate information better.

Cleansing can be done many different ways -- from ritual baths to smudging oneself, visualization during a shower, energy work, and more.

Welcome to Spells of Magic, by the way.
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Re: Hi I'm new
Post # 3
Nice to be here I was told that there magic was old and from there family for generations and that the one guy was a necromancer. It was really a crazy time for me still is.
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Re: Hi I'm new
Post # 4
The ritual was on Halloween and the 5 of us were in the circle and we all put our blood in a challis they said words in laten and we all drank from it I was the air element and after some more words and such I was hit in the chest by a very powerful thing I fell to the ground and passed out when I came to I was different. Before I could sence spirits now I see them hear them and have hard and bad visions . since I have been away from them I have been struggling to cope with it all its very hard I can only keep my shield up for little burst but when it goes down that's when everything get to me . sometimes I can't keep it all pushed out all the time.
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Re: Hi I'm new
Post # 5
I want to thank all the great advice and guidance I have gotten and thank you everyone for your advice. It has been a great learning experience I have had since I joined thanks all.
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