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Post # 1
I meditate and use hypnosis previously. Am very sensitive to it so ensure I ground self.

I would love be to try out astral projection- how does it feel? And the best ways of embracing this.

Thanks x
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Re: Curious
Post # 2
Well I can tell you that you have projected before. Not a prediction. Its a fact. Many people have. The key to astral projection is level of awareness. Its popular belief that this is something you learn how to do when in fact its something you learn how to notice. Ever have a very vivid dream, you spend what feels like days in this dream, you know the people in the dream even though its your first time seeing them, and for some reason gravity is a lot less restricting, you can fly. The setting of the dream has a nostalgic feel to it. You are projecting. By accident but you are. If you want to know how to become more aware of your projecting and even do it at will...thats when practice and learning come into play.
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Re: Curious
Post # 3
When I astral project, I feel like I've split into two people. I get light headed and it feels like part of me is walking around. It's an odd sensation. You can sometimes tell if you've split into two when you ground and center. There's a 'woosh' feeling, like you're coming into land from a great height and you plunk yourself into your body. It takes practice to astral project consciously. I've found doing astral projection at bedtime is the best bet because the body has an easier time slipping into meditation mode.

Good luck! :)
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Re: Curious
Post # 4
I am very dreamy and often remember or it feels like ages.

Thank you x
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Re: Curious
Post # 5
astral projection seems to be varied per person, personally I find it is like my body is a coat or an alcove.
If I want to go somewhere specific, for example to my auric bound I think and picture, Laura, then step out onto the relm and I'm near her. It doesn't always work and the defences I put around her even stop me projecting to her some times but that is that.
If something has decided to come and naw on my spiritual ass I just step out of my bdy, I can still feel me breathing, being a body, but I am also in the spirit relm. I've also noticed that if I do fight something in the spirit relm my body goes through the motions which can be quite funny.
Anyway it seems to be varied, personally I'm not sure on the dream thing, I'd describe those as visions rather than projection but each to there own
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