Immortal Spell??

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Forums -> Misc Topics -> Immortal Spell??

Immortal Spell??
Post # 1
Can black magick help to be Immortal? And can get any powers??
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Re: Immortal Spell??
Post # 2
Nope. It can't help you be immortal nor can you get any special powers.
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Re: Immortal Spell??
Post # 3
Obviously that would be a resounding no. Magical isn't unnatural. It fits in to all the laws of nature. And honestly, why would anyone want to live forever? I think it would be impossibly painful and boring. And what about when the sun dies? Would you still want to be alive then? I'd rather not.
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Re: Immortal Spell??
Post # 4

While physical immortality is impossible via magical means , I do not understand why it would be painful or boring.

Society churns out new things to do and learn at an astounding rate. It produces at a far faster rate than you can consume those activities.

In this life , there is almost no fair reason for one to ever be bored , especially in this day and age.

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Re: Immortal Spell??
By: / Novice
Post # 5
No but many believe in some form of reincarnation, so in a way you are immoral. Energy just changes form so some believe your spirit is reborn, others feel the energy inside you becomes part of the universal energy.

You could also look at it from a scientific way. When you have kids you pass on your genetics and your bloodline lives on. When you die your body decomposes and brings new life to many different beings. [Or to quote Lion King 'when we die, our body becomes the grass, and the antelope eat the grass.']

I've never been scared of death so immortality never crossed my mind, but if I were you I would try and make what time you have count instead of worrying. Sometimes worrying cannot be helped, but try new things, do stuff you love, hang with people you care about, so on so forth.
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Re: Immortal Spell??
Post # 6
Jesus says that you can have any power that he has.
These are typically viewed more as miracles, though.
Since he rose from the dead, then you could too. Assuming you used the same father/son/holy spirit magic that he did.

People on here can debate all they want about the powers of magic and what is acceptable among this community. They can not, however, change what is accepted among a larger population. That population being Christians.

Just keep that in mind when you say certain things are possible or not possible.

Or is it part of the rules of this site to disallow what is believed by Christians?
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Re: Immortal Spell??
Post # 7
While I am open to the idea of any religion, I am loyal to artemis only.
First off, emortality, in the form I'm gonna walk in front of this bus that is travelling 80 kph and allow it to hit me because I will live in varietable Hollywood rubbish.
It is, impossible, scientifically and magically. Black magic does not work like that and if there is one thing that religions can agree on is that emortality is a gift from the gods/god.

While it is my belief that the rules don't exclude Christianity, stating that we can theorise but thet the society will not listen in wrong, period.
Christianity is a fantastic religion, don't get me wrong, the bible has some fantastic life stories but paganism, wikkan, any of that is also as great. I do wonder what the ratio of Christian to pagan is these days as paganism is vast in numbers.
While personally I do not shun other religions I do not appreciate being told that my religion will not be accepted as it was before most others were even born. I can respect that Christianity does ot like witchcraft and can quote the bible saying as much, but I don't respect the fact of how some see it fit to force this on others.

I apologize if this is slightly off topic but I just wanted to get that out there and off my chest.

Finally, yeah, emortality... no go.
Special powers on the other hand, that depends on what you view as special.
You're not about to have only one weakness or become batman or something like that.
If you learn the correct spells and proceedures you could shape shift as I can in visions and dreams, and ou can cast spells but you won't be batman... sorry. [criing face]
Thanks for reading
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Re: Immortal Spell??
Post # 8
I see immortality as curse, Because wouldn't that be unbearable painful moments when your friends parents son daughter grandchildren dies in front of you and you're still alive to see them die? Everyone still immortal by their soul. And still there's possibilities to live more for like 500 years or so, But in my opinion not through wiccan practices and spell. You should research Hindu and Islam tantras. They bestows powers, yes supernatural powers!
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Re: Immortal Spell??
Post # 9
emortality, the cursed cup.
Emortality is a jewel, even parcual immortality. Never aging less thee be slain in battle.
However it is also a curse.
Imagine living through your life, always loving and always watching those you love die.
Taraens have such short life times and it kills me to think that 200 years down the line I may be back on avenger and everyone I knew here would be just a memory.
However, my auric bound has an argument I always find great.
The original, source.
Some call him god, some call him chaos, some call him source.
Eiter way he is with in us as we are with in him [so she says]
we are made up of sources energy and after death, we return to him.
Based on that, when you die, you rejoin fveryone anyway and technically they are with you when they die and you don't anyway, as you are one in the same.
Though the idea I'm made up of henry VIII's nose, bob marleys arms, Queen victorias legs and a recycled chest is slightly worrying. rofl!
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