A grave discovery

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A grave discovery
Post # 1
Okay, sorry for the pun in the subject title but I'm a bit curious as to what I came across in a graveyard yesterday. I often go to graveyards to take photos or to just relax, but I went to one for pictures for my photography course and I found a cat's skull next to a grave, slightly hidden away by shrubbery. The only reason I saw it was because I was looking for a new, interesting subject to photograph. I originally didn't think much of it but when I looked at the picture, the skull was the right way up, facing out, without the rest of the body. Where was the rest of the cat? Also, there was no decomposing flesh or tissue on it. It was pretty much clean. So, how did just the skull get there? Who/what hid it? Why was it so clean? It just struck me as weird and I was wondering if anyone knew of a corresponding link between cat skulls and graveyards? It's okay if you don't, I was just curious anyway. :)
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Re: A grave discovery
Post # 2
Most interesting! The closest I can come up with when it comes to cats and cemeteries is that Bastet was well known for the offerings of cat mummies. So many mummies were found in Egypt that they were grinding up the bodies and using them as fertilizer at the height of early Egyptology. Could be that the cat skull is alluding to Bastet, or you have a funky coincidence going there!
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Re: A grave discovery
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 3
When an animal dies, it does not often remain intact, nor does decomposition happen without interruption.

Scavenging animals may well take parts off the dead animal, and take them elsewhere to eat what they can. The head will still smell like food, but something would quickly discover that there's not a whole lot to eat.

Also, if ants and other insects had found the head, a colony would very happily clean it of everything they could -- especially if it were still relatively fresh.
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Re: A grave discovery
Post # 4
I think someone might have placed it there for whatever reason. Perhaps it held some meaning to the deceased or the person who placed it there, or it could have been part of a spell.
But I'm more curious of taking photos in the cemetery, I understand its something that you do, but I was always under the impression that it was disrespectful to take photos without given consent regardless if it were spirits or living person. Just an interesting thought.
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