Spirit bodys and spirits

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Spirit bodys and spirits
Post # 1

I been looking in to some things. And seem people say i spirit can become a part of you. If so how can it. And. if so how do you talk with them. people say it works by a spirit become a part of your spirit body what never that means

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Re: Spirit bodys and spirits
Post # 2
as far as I know a spirit can not become truly part of you, have a connection and bond with you, yes, possess you, possible. as for a spirit becoming part of your spirit body, most likely means your body in the astral, a spirit can become part of the body in that case if there is a bond and connection, but that's not truly becoming part of you
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Re: Spirit bodys and spirits
Post # 3
Sorry I can't really understand your question, however spirits 'can' be a part of you, because you have a spirit and a body, the spirit can possess your body, or share it but its not really you because your spirit and the spirit can not merge so simply.
To talk to the spirit, well you just talk to it, but the return is much more difficult and there are many different ways depending on your understanding and skills.One thing I should mention is to not leave your body to communicate and travel to the astral plane because you never know what the spirit wants to do with your body or your spirit.

Generally a spirit sharing your body is not a good thing, at all. Its hard to understand the intentions of most spirits because they can be vague or they themselves are just acting on instinct.
You should definitely confirm whether there is a spirit that trying to use your body and make very clear that your body is for your spirit ONLY.
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Re: Spirit bodys and spirits
Post # 4
I think there is a last option to make a spirit be part of someone, but it isn't exactly that, in some way there is possible to "absorb" the energy of a spirit, which will make it be part of you, but it won't be really the spirit, and it's really dangerous.
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