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Post # 1
Empiricism is philosophical, states that all knowledge are derived from the physical senses or sensory experience. It postulates that nothing is true unless its sensory proven, and that all beliefs are false unless proven through the senses.

For many this provides a foundation for someones beliefs, such as God/s or Goddess/s because they experienced him or her through the senses. For many the senses goes beyond the physical realm, and that a shift in consciousness or an altered state of consciousness, the senses become more sensitive. people argue that this can bee seen through the use of mind altering psychoactive drugs like MDMA, LSD, DMT ect. that alteration of the senses and consciousness alters the perception of reality.
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Re: Empiricism
Post # 2
The thing is, and correct me if I'm wrong, Empiricism is limited to the physical senses, and is often not subject to any single person's experiences. Science, for example, is a very empirical study, because it focuses on things that can be, in some way, observed not by a single party but by multiple parties.

Thus Empiricism doesn't provide a foundation for beliefs such as gods and goddesses or anything which I cannot observe with another objectively from us. When one experiences a god or goddess, they do so on such a subjective and 'internal' level. Even if a group experiences this, it's not in some form that an outsider can also observe it, and thus it doesn't fall under empiricism.

It should also be noted that one should be careful when they say that they "sense" something. Even if one "sees" something, it doesn't have to be that they see it through their physical sense of sight. When we dream, we "see" images, but not through our eyes, instead we see these images directly in our mind. And even images in our mind are "sensed", but not physically. Thus these are not physically sensed and as such they do not fall under empiricism either.

This is one of the great schisms between spirituality and science, that while you may have experiences and senses of things, they escape science and empiricism and fall under a different form of "sense" which is on a very personal level.
Be careful not to confuse some of you terms.
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Re: Empiricism
Post # 3
you make a good point, ill be sure to not confuse the word sense, thanks :)
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Re: Empiricism
Post # 4
Id like to say the lines between subjectivity and the objective begin to blur as u dive deep into the understanding of fundamental reality. In quantum physics/mechanics, particles do not behave what we really perceive it as just existing without our need for an observer, but now law of quantum mechanics now state that subatomic particles do not act the same when there is no observer, it is stated that it is a wave of potentiality, where infinite possibilities are probable and once u put and observer on the line the wave of potentiality collapses back into a particle, the way we observe particles that particles change. Now this blurs the lines between subjective reality and objective reality, what we perceive in the objective reality would not have exist without the subjective reality to be there in the first place, and vice versa. This begins to rule out materialism which state that everything is fundamentally materially, which now has been debunked through recent studies in quantum mechanics. Now to say that u have observed a God or goddess or "experience", this then begins to lay out fundamental beliefs if its existence because either way subjectively viewed it still exist within subjective reality and the objective
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