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Quick question
Post # 1
How many spells can I do in a day ? If they don't relate to the other,or need any kind d of materials other then my voice .???
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Re: Quick question
Post # 2
There is no restrictions on the number of spells you can do in a day. Sometimes a spell calls for a full moon but You had another spell to do that day so the best thing that I do in such situation is cast one spell and then wait for 30 minutes or even an hour just to clear up my thoughts about the previous spell and all the energies generated during the spell cast should be released before starting a new one. I would suggest waiting for 1 hours depending upon how fast you can clear up your mind to build focus for another spell. Also cast another circle for each spell and release all your energies into the universe while closing the circle after your work is done
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Re: Quick question
Post # 3
There's no limit to the number of spells one can cast, however one does get tired after doing several spells, especially during a ritual. I've done as many as 3-4 in a ritual, plus a major working. By the end I was exhausted. And that was within a circle with 5 other people!

If you do multiple spells, it's best to give yourself a mental space between workings. Some would ring a bell. In my teaching circle we would clap our hands saying 'release' three times, imagining the last of the energy raised for the spell going towards its intended target.

Good luck!
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Re: Quick question
By: / Beginner
Post # 4

I would also set aside any materials that are used for spells or rituals so they aren't clustered together after you work them. This is not a requirement, but I find it helpful in the same way that having separate devotional spaces to my deities help set boundaries and not "muddle" energies together (unless said spirits and deities are inclined to do so).

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Re: Quick question
By: / Novice
Post # 5
Spells are energy and focus, if you have enough energy to put into the spell, and are able to focus your attention on the task at hand, you can cast as many spells as you please regardless of materials or purpose. With that said I wouldn't say it's wise to cast more than one or two in a day otherwise you'll run into energy problems.

Also, some believe casting too many spells at once can cause a clog in the system. Some feel the universe/Gods might get tired of you calling on cosmic powers to find your car keys or help when you're having a bad hair day and decide to teach you a lesson. You might also run the risk of one spell backfiring for whatever reason and if you cast say 14 spells in a week, you won't be able to figure out which one was responsible.

It is best to cast one spell and give it time to work it's magick. Cleansing and protecting your home then making a honey jar for love and a money satchel in the same day is fine in theory, but think how tired you are after a big day of house cleaning, spell casting can have the same effect. If you feel you can, go for it though.
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Re: Quick question
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 6
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