My friends won't listen

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My friends won't listen
Post # 1
I've been practice magick/Wicca for five years. My friends have only for three days, they're trying to tell me stuff that isn't true. Me being who I am, I correct this information so they don't learn the wrong things. They won't listen even when I have proof. Can someone please give me advice?
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Re: My friends won't listen
By: / Novice
Post # 2
well as i said in my message, let it go. it is nice to help those who are new, but if they refuse to take your advice you'll just hurt yourself. [the old take a horse to water but can't make it drink problem.]

you've given them your knowledge, there's nothing more you can do. best to work on yourself instead of wasting energy on people who choose to do the opposite of what you say. if they ask for your advice, give it, but stop jumping up and down shouting the facts when they're not listening.
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Re: My friends won't listen
Post # 3
Thank you, sorry my messages weren't showing up.
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Re: My friends won't listen
Post # 4
Let them come to their own understanding. 3 days isnt enough to take in everything. We both know that. Just dont argue and hold your tongue. Sometimes people get an ego when they first start something or learn something. Or they get excited about something new and knowing one fact, makes them feel all knowing. Dont ruin your friendships, or get mad, it happens all through life, it will pass, just be the big person.
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Re: My friends won't listen
Post # 5
They have just started practising Wicca, and they don't understand what this is about. Of course you can't make them listen to you, but trust me, they lose... If they don't want to listen at you it's their problem, one day they may learn you were correct...just ignore them.

Furthermore, you could tell them that you're willing to help them at their Wicca practises as much as you can-if you're willing to do that of course..but you won't do it if they don't listen at you and creating their own rules... It's simply pointless and a waste of time.
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