Debate: God and Goddess

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Forums -> Misc Topics -> Debate: God and Goddess

Debate: God and Goddess
By: / Novice
Post # 1
Hello everyone! Let's have a discussion. I have seen many articles, spells, and viewpoints stating that every god and every goddess are just different manifestations of the Horned God and the Mother Goddess of the Wiccan religion presenting themselves in many different cultures. I can see where this thinking stems from, seeing as though many different religions' gods and goddesses have similar traits and characteristics, such as the characteristic of stubbornness and jealousy between Zeus and Thor, as well as there role in weather, each causing thunder and lightning according to their specific myths. The resemblance is almost uncanny, I agree. However, to me, it becomes problematic when saying that this binary can apply to every god and every goddess of every known pantheon of every religion. That is because in my opinion, some gods and goddesses characteristics can be very contradictive to others. Such as the characteristic of the god Hermes being very friendly an energetic, but yet another god, Hades, is usually depicted as being very solemn almost constantly. If they are manifestations of another god, the Wiccan Sun God, who is also described as having nearly constant characteristics, you would find consistency amongst each pantheon. But yet, there is not. Please challenge my viewpoint. Thank you.
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Re: Debate: God and Goddess
By: / Novice
Post # 2
Well the belief that every God and Goddess is just the Wiccan God and Goddess isn't universal. I've studied Wicca for over 10 years and I've never believed that [though it is an interesting theory] same with the Horned God being a Sun God, while I believe that, this is a new belief. When Gerald Gardner first spoke of the Horned God, he was not associated with the sun. So the belief of the Lord being the sun isn't universal either.

Some people do claim certain deities are like the Goddess and God and therefore can be called on in much the same way [such as Isis, Hecate, Pan, Ra, Freya, Oden and basically any forest or maternal deities] The Goddess and God are rather complex, being a part of everyone and everything, so some may choose to see them as pre-established deities, others may not. Also, they can have a 'dark side' to them. While most Wiccans would not call on their darker elements for revenge or something, they can be vengeful, so you could associate the Goddess with a Goddess of war if that's how you viewed her.

Of course all my points are eclectic in nature, a Dianic Wiccan would completely shun the God, so their view would be different. A BTW [British Traditional Wiccan] might have an entirely different view. The belief all deities are the same deity is just one of many beliefs. Personally the Triple Goddess and the Horned God are separate, though share similarities with other deities. I work with the Horned God, but I've never felt a strong connection to the Triple Goddess, so I searched elsewhere. I still believe she's real, just not the Goddess I'm meant to work with.
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Re: Debate: God and Goddess
By: / Novice
Post # 3
Okay now I see what information I was missing in order to make an educated opinion. Keeping that in mind it is not a universal nor fundamental teaching of Wicca, I can conclude that my previous opinion has not changed due to the nature of it being open to interpretation. However I can say honestly that the teaching makes sense on a spiritual and logical level, and therefore can appreciate it's diversity of opinion and respect the belief itself.
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