Forming a Relationship

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Forming a Relationship
Post # 1
Hey guys : ), I'm new here , although I've been lurking these forums and websites alike for several years now. I'm making this thread today because I am interested in connecting and forming a relationship with the Greek God Plutus, but I don't necessarily know how to do so, or where exactly to get started ? Thanks in advance. =)
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Re: Forming a Relationship
Post # 2
I'd recommend Galina Krasskova's book "Devotional Polytheism: An Introduction" as a guide for getting started with deity relationships generally. Has some good advice in regards to prayer and shrine work.

As for Ploutos specifically, reading about His myths (Homer and Hesiod mention Him) and associations and then applying them to your shrine work will help, as well as engaging in devotional activities that He'd like (growing a patch of wheat for example).

I'm Dionysian, but if you'd like to discuss shrine tending and devotional activities generally, feel free to message me.
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Re: Forming a Relationship
By: / Novice
Post # 3

I would recommend starting with a daily or weekly prayer. Try to keep it constant when doing so. You can even try meditating and focusing on the energy around you. Perhaps you may be able to reach out to Him in the process.

Best of Blessings,


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Re: Forming a Relationship
By: / Novice
Post # 4
Well I don't work with Plutus but to form a relationship with any deity you should start by introducing yourself. Set up an altar for said deity [look up what Plutus favours and build an altar around that. Perhaps print off a photo, or sketch one] leave out some food and water offerings, then light some incense and/or a candle, and call to them. Something simple like 'God Plutus, I wish to learn from you, please accept these offerings of [list items] as a token of my appreciation.' Then sit and meditate before the altar. You may receive a sign right away, or it might take a while, keep your mind open. [When I first contacted my patron Goddess I didn't receive and answer until two days later while I was on lunch.] If you go a full moon cycle without any sign [or you receive a no] thank Plutus and move on for now.

Once you receive a yes or simply an acknowledgement from Plutus you can begin working with him. Try to keep a permanent altar for him. Even if you're in the broom closet, try to keep a small area for him. It could be a shelf with a candle and an incense burner, or a small corner of your desk you keep clean, it would be best to dedicate a space for the God in your room/home somewhere. Look up offerings Plutus likes as well as symbols for him [example, if he's the god of wealth, you could leave him coins, perhaps decorate his altar with some fake jems to represent wealth]

You should also try to take time daily to connect with Plutus. Meditating is a great one, you could also try prayer or daily offerings. Be creative, if you know of rituals that's fine, but you could do stuff in honour of your god [like work hard, save money, donate to charity...] As you grow closer you will discover new ways of worship so keep an open mind.
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