Umm. hey.

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Umm. hey.
Post # 1
I have been on here for little over a month now. I'm going through alot with an alcholic mother wh ogets jealous around me being with other girls. And an abusive dad. Who i have been left. I need some advice on how to do rituals for astral projection, demonic possiession, and also some help on meditation advice and how to chant.
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Re: Umm. hey.
Post # 2
You ought to check out Articles. I myself find TONS of help in the Coven Articles (I only read the 5 star stuff). It has been put there by a person, and rated by others so I find it more reliable. Im sorry for what you are dealing with. I have serious mommy issues bc of what my mom done. Dad wasnt there.
Anywho, astral projection is for the more advanced from what I gather. I would get a knowledge base on it first. And before any ritual meditation plays a big part. There are great articles on BOTH of these subjects in Coven Articles. I reccomend spending time reading them and continuing more research via the internet. Chanting, in my opinion, is the easiest part...assuming you believe and dont doubt your work after.
Perhaps look up protection spells for yourself and drive out negativity the best you can.
I know it sucks but you can't just change a person. If that is your goal know that is simply not possible to change them overnight, or even over time via magic.
Perhaps an intervention should be held by family members. Professional help, and them making a choice is the best bet.
There are a lot more knowledgable people on here, so I hope they see your post. As for me, Ive dealt with a lot of stuff your experiencing or stuff equal. You cant change others but if you need someone to talk to, perhaps I can help you. You really need to take care of you until you are able to get away from the chaos.
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Re: Umm. hey.
Post # 3
Hello Akkonn, though I don't have experienced what you are going through I feel for you and if you need a friend I'll be here for you. I do agree with Recludere, you can't change other people and trying to do so is futile, but you can always do inner work, which is basically doing things like energy healing,meditation, ect. to put the serenity prayer into action in your life and help you to for give your parents. If you stick with inner work it will definitely help you in your life, both in immediate problems and problems that have yet to reveal themselves. Ok, now I'm off of my inner work soap box, lol. Welcome to SOM.
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