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New to Black Magic
Post # 1
So I'm new to black magic. Can someone give a run down on everything I need to succeed in it, and also things that will help me get better? Remember, I am new so I have no experience. Thank you! :)
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Re: New to Black Magic
Post # 2

Welcome to what most people call black magic!

Okay so I generally consider some of the magic I practice to be black or white because that to me establishes intent and origin of the magic. I've heard a lot of individuals say that there in no colour in magic and while I don't personally agree with that, but it is something to keep in mind.

Magic comes from within and around you. You are the chain that connects magic to reality, but sometimes to form that link, especially with dark practices, it can be dangerous. When you begin to catergorize good verus evil, black versus white, you can lose the true meanings of practices, what they really were before they became associated with negativity or positivity.

Black magic as a whole could be seen as negative, and has been seen that way in the past, and while not all of the practices that could be encompassed into the category of black magic is necessarily bad, though there are absolutely forms of black magic out there that can kill you or others, and keep in mind that death isn't the worse thing that can happen. Take for example blood magic. While to the individual who practices it this practice can be seen as a way to form a true piece of yourself into something, if done incorrectly you could be bound to something nasty or you could bleed out if you hit an artery.

Has that helped a little bit? You're welcome to message me through the site mail system any time if you have any questions about this.

God bless,

Spiritus Servum

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Re: New to Black Magic
Post # 3
In my opinion all magic is neutral, its the result that can be negative, positive or neutral. What i mean by that is that the black magic spells can actually do something positive to all.
You don't have to believe this, its just my opinion.
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