Prayer and Good Vibes

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Prayer and Good Vibes
Post # 1

Hello everyone, I'm here asking for prayer and sending forward any kinds of good vibes possible.

One friend of mine, let's call her S, has just lost her husband, suddenly and without warning. Her and her kids are devistated and they need help.

The second friend, she'll be called C, has a husband who was misdiagnosed with hemroids only to later find he had a bowel obstruction and massive infection. They had to remove part of his colon and appendix and he is now in intensive care. The problem is that they have no OHIP or medical insurance because he's still trying to get his canadian citizenship and their families are no help since C's doesn't approve of their relationship and his family is poor.

I know I cannot ask anyone to cast spells for them but please, please, pray and do anything you can to send them good energy. I'll be doing my part too, but any added help is appreciated.

Thank you all in advance and Blessed Be!

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Re: Prayer and Good Vibes
By: / Novice
Post # 2
Well I'm not sure how well the good vibes can be directed without a name or general location, but I hope everything turns around for them soon. I've got a friend whose husband is American, they've had a similar problem with OHIP [which I'm assuming your friends are in Ontario, so that narrows things down a little] so I understand the process. Maybe try casting a wealth spell then try talking to friends/family and setting up a small collection to help them. For your friend who lost her husband, she might want some alone time, but just being there for her if she needs a shoulder to cry on, that can make a world of difference.

I'll try saying a little something for them later today when I give my offerings. Brightest blessing onto you and your friends.
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Re: Prayer and Good Vibes
Post # 3

Thank you! I've already done a few spells and rituals to help them. They set up a gofundme page but I'm pretty sure I can't post that here. Prayers are much appriciated! Thank you again!

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