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Post # 1
So I am pretty new here, and before I start diving deeper into here, I have a few questions. Magic is something that I have thought about and wanted to practice for a while know. I have done a couple spells, they haven't worked. But my problem is that I believe magic 50-50. I have enough to believe, that when a spell warns me is dangerous, I don't do it. On the other hand, I question will it really work? So it would be great of you guys could point me to some beginner spells, and advice about my believe, that would be great! I hope to see more of you guys soon!
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Re: Hey
Post # 2
I personally don't cast spells. I have tried a few times, but they never really seemed to work out as they were supposed to.

I've been in this path for about three years now and I've noticed that divination and certain forms of meditation are very good ways to practice magic for beginners. At least for me they are. And I personally believe, that by meditation and focusing on your dreams, you can have better results in other fields of magic too.

I am not saying, that you shouldn't try to cast spells. I am just saying, that it is a difficult art for some people. And must ask you to be careful while casting spells... They may not always turn out the way you wanted. And there are many spells on this website, that won't most likely work. You can always try to make your own spells.
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Re: Hey
Post # 3
What types of meditations would you recommend?
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Re: Hey
Post # 4
The spell that I found most helpful for me starting out was the Open Sesame 3rd Eye Ritual, because it's really just a ritual designed to change your whole mentality about magical power. To get really into the spell for the first time you might have to set aside an hour or two and find a place where you can be alone, dance, and speak loudly without you disturbing anyone or anyone disturbing you from your focus. The spell is made to tap into the power you already have but don't know how to use, it's good for beginners and for those who are well experienced in magic. I hope this information was helpful to you TryandTry. Message me if you are looking for a like minded friend, and welcome to SOM.
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