Who are gods and godesses

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Who are gods and godesses
Post # 1
Okay so I've learned about contacting specific entities and basic rites and done some work with a few dieties. However I have been branching more toward the witchcraft approach lately. And from the few 'spells' I've skimmed here, one can simply call forth assistance from the gods and goddesses. Now as far as from what I've learned of magick so far this seems perfectly logical. Yet somehow unbelievable. I recently called for assistance from the gods and goddesses in a remarkably deep (for me) meditation, in which my request was for a vision of the future regarding a certain here-withheld aspect of my life that I needed guidance in approaching. The vision was... stunning. And quite a reasonable and therefore un-thought of conclusion or even point of view. I clearly felt the presence of several, perhaps only two, but definately individual presences, but they were voiceless and faceless; only an eerie presence.

So who are these beings you can simply call forth as gods and godesses?

PS, I put this on general and not spiritual creatures because this is a general topic, I want the opinion of all walks
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Re: Who are gods and godesses
Post # 2

Well first of is hard to so what a god or goddess. Truely is. But one thing i know for sure is that they are power spirits. And their are being types of spirits out their. most just think of angels demons ghost and gods or goddness. But their are more types than that. from what i have seem anyway. But is hard to say what type of being it was to do so many types. helping us but they may have being angels or something like spirit guids.

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Re: Who are gods and godesses
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 3
Let's have one thing clear. Gods,Goddesses, and any other supernatural "Beings", have nothing to do with witchcraft. Neither have spells anything to do with witchcraft.
Witchcraft is not a belief! It is a craft.
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Re: Who are gods and godesses
Post # 4
Honestly it'd be best to say your purpose and ask for a specific deity or a specific pantheon, also unless you and a deity specifically work together I'd suggest making sure they know your will before hand and put up an offering of some form
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Re: Who are gods and godesses
Post # 5
From an energetic point, let's make this crystal.

disclaimer: what you are reading is not faith, nor belief, based on fact nor fiction, and should be assumed to be rubbish at all costs.

Whether gods exist or not does not matter.
If gods exist, then you can rely on them for a source of input in your spells.

If gods do not exist, then you can rely on them for a source of input for your spells.

Confused?... Don't be. Anything people put lots of effort into will tend to become a construct on it's own. This is one reason why it is beneficial to do energy work (spells) at a church. People have already put in energy into that place.

People will put energy into an image and send it out into the world. Whether or not that god is real makes no difference. Assuming you follow all basic understandings of what newagers have been talking about since the 70s, then this should be something to willingly accept as valid.

So, go right ahead an use your wells of energies known as gods and goddesses in your spells. It is no different that using a talisman, candle, or incense. It is a little more advanced, though.


Back to the Original post...
You can very much feel more than one presence. There will be guides around you and other entities in the area. As well as anything you call in. Psychic work tends to lead to draw in the attention of things around you. So, don't be surprised if you get visitors.

Calling for something is for the individual. There are loads of gods/goddesses to choose from. Whom you call is up to you. You can also believe that everything is together as one, and when you call forth a god or godess you are actually just calling for certain aspects of the source/all/is/etc.

If you ever do guide/totem/animal work to find out if you have any friends from other realms you can then uses these guys when you perform energy work (spells).

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Re: Who are gods and godesses
Post # 6
Yes Brysing sorry that may have been confusing, I meant that I'd been taking more of a witchcraft approach as in I've stopped working with dieties all together before that point and was doing magick without them.

As for the person above me, I think you gave the most reasonable explanation as far as my experiences can tell
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Re: Who are gods and godesses
Post # 7
I think its all a matter of belief. If somebody believes that Deities are real, believes they have felt them, great! Keep believing what you like! Religions are a matter of belief and worship, right? I do myself believe, and many others too. Many others not. Its just a matter of belief!
Now.. Back to the post. There's many deities to choose from. If you want to see the future, call on a Deity that works with that, lets just say there's a certain Deity who "works" with, healing, psychic abilities and war. Then you could call on that Deity since it "works" with psychic abilities, because seeing the future is a psychic ability, but you can call on a Deuty, any Deity, who has nothing to do with that! It may just be one you are connected to! I'm probably really confusing!
- Olwyn
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Re: Who are gods and godesses
Post # 8
i feel calm whenever i converse with them
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Re: Who are gods and godesses
Post # 9
Keep in mind that there are different understandinds of the word "psychic".

Some people think of psychics, and thus associate all things psychic with fortune telling and divination.

There is also the notion that psychic deals with all things that go along with extra sensory perception. If you can sense energy, then you are using ESP.

Further, people associate psionics with the term psychic as well. This means that all things energy related would be lumped into psychic work.

Psychic work is not the same as being 'a psychic'.

Dreams, chakras, metitation, energy work, telepathy, et cetera, all all forms of psychic work.

You do not need to be a psychic to use energy or to sense deities or entities in your area.

Just like you don't need to be a doctor to do various forms medicine. I know how to put on a bandage, but that doesn't make me a doctor.
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Re: Who are gods and godesses
Post # 10
Interesting, though I personally list those who have any deeper level of self understanding and has any level of experience in empathic awareness as psychics. Just different levels to the kinds of things different psychics can do. In fact I'd consider most magicians psychics, of a higher degree even. Anyone who's ever used a spell to manipulate someone in any way is a working psychic. Thats love spells, beauty spells, money spells, career spells.
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