Anti-Depression Spell

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Anti-Depression Spell
Post # 1
I need some help with this. My friend is really depressed and I want to help him. All the spells I see is for self use only. The spell I or at least a suggestion is a type of spell that I could chant or enchant without much or any use of supplies. Since I am new to spell-casting I don`t have lots of materials. If there is a spell which could help my friend with a chant or an enchanted item, I would greatly appreciate it.
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Re: Anti-Depression Spell
By: / Novice
Post # 2

You don't need to follow a spell, just write your own to help aid him, that way you don't need any items.

However If he is not seeking any medical help, I suggest he does and then the spell can help aid him, rather than a fix it all.

Good luck.

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Re: Anti-Depression Spell
Post # 3
Perhaps just being there for you friend can help get them through. Remind your friend of the small simple, yet wonderful things about life. Do they have any hobbies? Places they love to be? Take walks with them, talk about life, find the source of what's bringing them down to such a state of mind. A reminder of the beauty of life can surely help lift the spirits, but of course, the severity of their depression is important to consider.

Though, again depending on the severity, profession counseling may be the best option. My girlfriend has began to seek professional help for her PTSD, and as much as I tried to help her, her condition was better left in the hands of a professional.

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Re: Anti-Depression Spell
Post # 4
Why not try a plant therapy or aromatherapy? Ive been reading up on therapy with Chakra as well, they all need to be aligned, maybe thatd help your friend if you are talented in that art, or distance therapy if you know a practitioner capable of sending the energy. I read Reiki therapy does amazing things as well, but then again the only issue is finding someone practiced in the art. Hope your friend feels better!
And i agree with the others, these are temp solutions, until one learns to deal with their illness (which I dont know many who can without medication or a professional) in a healthy manner a professional is best as they can provide medication to chemically balance a person.
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