White bolb

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Forums -> Spiritual Creatures -> White bolb

White bolb
Post # 1
Am just remembered this event that happend to me few months ago.

So my father is dead, you should know that before reading on.

One day I was sitting on my laptop, watching videos and playing video games, my father's room is in front of me, just a regular day, my mother and bigger brother left the house to fo shopping but I didn't want to go with them.

So propably one hour later, I heard a sound, I decided to take the headphones off, when I did that, here comes the part that scared the living life out of me.

I see in the corner of my eye a white flying bolb, my fathers room doir was open, the white bolb ran into my fathers room, and what is the disturbing part was that the room didn't have the lights open, so after that.

Guess what happend...

The house's power turns off, I was in total darkness, I froze fir about 10 minutes thinking that a demon is propably after me haunting me, wanting to kill me, but thank god the power is back up again.

I was wondering, what was that white bolb?
Is it my father? Is it an angel? A demon?

Really though, what was that?..
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Re: White bolb
Post # 2
I have lived through that aswell.. I can help you just awnser this questions.. Have u ever felt something watching you? And if yes, did it ever get to the point where it became so scary you felt the need to protect yourself some how? ( I had/have a demon in my house and if you awnser these questions truthfuly it will help me determinating if it's something baaaaad or just a spirit )
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Re: White bolb
Post # 3
or a poltergeist :(( ive experienced it a few times one story ran up the stairs after me one night when I was going to bed and had a mans face that lookedlike he was shouting but It made no noise except my door being nudged open whilst passing by with a whooffing energy feeling passing through my whole body
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Re: White bolb
Post # 4
I've had experiences of spirits growling, spitting and scaring me. I have seen orbs alot and that could have been your father although I think it wad something else. Lights turning off.. Hmm.. Poltergeist maybe.. If you've been feeling drained of energy, fatigued, tired before that or after, or have a feeling of being watched, unprotected I definetly do not believe it was your father. But then again it could have been him just letting you know he's there or delivering a message.
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Re: White bolb
Post # 5
What you saw is likely an orb :) I like to think they're visiting family and pets when I see them.

Poltergeists are usually created by someone with extreme anger or other emotions and are normally caused by LIVING people. It's likely that the lights turning off was caused by whatever you saw and felt rather than by you. Or it was one HECK of a wicked coincidence!

The presence of a demon usually comes with the smell of burning or sulfur (rotten eggs). The area around you will warm up. Ghosts tend to come as cold wind or breezes. Angels...well, they tend to be very positive entities and are usually bright lights.
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Re: White bolb
Post # 6
You are propably right, it is a white orb and propably not an evil orb.

I would like to see it as my father visiting.
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