Coming back to the craft

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Coming back to the craft
Post # 1
Hi. I have known about Wicca/Paganism/Magic/Witchcraft for a few years now. I dabbled in it in parts of high school but of course my mother was against it so I kinda veered away from it until after I graduated. I am now 21 years old and recently I revisited Paganism, for I went through a stage where I was giving Christianity another shot (went through that too many times).

I have nothing against Christians but I personally do not agree with their beliefs, and one day I questioned my beliefs and saw that Christianity did not match up with my views. So I left the church and returned to Paganism.

I took my time with this...but eventually I came to terms with where I stand. I'm an independent pagan, I have one Patron Goddess and practice my meditations/rituals solitary. Ever since then I haven't felt more comfortable with myself and life in general. It all makes sense to me and in many ways this path has improved my life in many areas. No longer am I participating in a religion where I'm constantly thinking "wait a minute now I don't agree with that." It feels good to not be indoctrinated, and to pretty much do my own thing my own way, that benefits me.

I am open minded and accepting of people's beliefs, even if they fully contradict mine. We're all human and we're all different, and I believe on major flaw of humanity is we're trying to make each other all the same...discriminating those who are the "minority". We need to embrace our individuality and not be afraid to be ourselves, while accepting others for doing the same. The state of this world would improve if more people did that.

Anyways, that's a bit info about me. I'm excited to start participating in the forums. I don't have many Pagan/Wiccan friends, so this will be a good community for me(:
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Re: Coming back to the craft
Post # 2
Hey there! Welcome to SOM! I, too, left Christianity when I found it no longer meshed with my belief system. That was 20 years ago :) I'm much happier being a pagan!
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Re: Coming back to the craft
Post # 3
It's always good when people don't allow others to speak for theirselves, it took a lot of bravery for you to stand up for your beliefs. Welcome to SOM:)
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