Help!!!! is this a spell?

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Forums -> Other Spells Discussion -> Help!!!! is this a spell?

Help!!!! is this a spell?
Post # 1
HI all,

I was going through my random boxed lying around in my house when i came across a small piece of paper with very weird hand writing in a strange language which seemed like latin to me.

I came across the same language in a different piece of paper months ago but it was in a much bigger paper in my chest of drawers, but i did not give it any attention and just threw it away.

i was living with a room mate whom spoken russian, turkish and farsi language.

please pardon my ignorance but since i found this small piece of paper last night and i just cannot sleep specially when i have been constant problems in my life recently that just seem they are never ending, i believe this may have something to do with it, or maybe i am just paranoid.

i have a picture of this paper but i do not know how can i attach it here....

please help!

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Re: Help!!!! is this a spell?
Post # 2
It could be nothing but I'm not sure and to attach a picture go to your profile click edit and it should be next to your profile picture then just choose it from you gallery on you phone or computer
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Re: Help!!!! is this a spell?
Post # 3
Maybe I can help you with it? If it's indeed Latin, I might recognize some words.
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Re: Help!!!! is this a spell?
Post # 4
It's very possible that this is a spell that was cast against you. Is there anyone you know who would try to harm you with a spell?
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Re: Help!!!! is this a spell?
Post # 5
If you have a photo of it try uploading it to imgur and sending a link to the image. If yu want to show someome that is.
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Re: Help!!!! is this a spell?
Post # 6

I highly doubt this was a spell meant to mess up your sleep patterns. In fact, this is probably not a spell at all.

There are numerous factors in determining what is affecting our ability to sleep at night. Your electronics, thoughts, fears, your daily struggles, and even issues happening in your daily life are some of the small ways to prevent you from sleeping. Here are some of the few recommendations I have:

  • You can move all of your electronic devices to the opposite end of where you sleep and not so close. Electromagnetic waves can interfere with our brain's capability of performing functions. If you sleep in the middle or close to all your electronics, the electromagnetic waves might interfere with your sleep patterns. This is a problem with younger age groups now. Besides... At least you have to literally get up to turn off your alarm clock.
  • You might find it helpful to avoid electronics for about an hour or two before you go to sleep. The blue light or LED lights on our electronic devices can interfere with our internal clock. Our internal clock has 25 hours but also corresponds with light. The blue or LED lights might give our brains the impression that it is still daytime and not bedtime. You should make sure that the LED light that shows up with a notification or when your device is charging should be facing down or covered up.
  • You can fix your sleep schedule to a constant basis. You shouldn't even change it when it is Day Light Savings Time because Day Light Savings Time does not change the number of hours that the sun is up so it is a bit confusing to our brains.
  • You can also do something involving the senses. Our senses play a major role in processing with neurotransmitters in our brain. There are reports of smelling lavender can help you sleep or even drying your sheets beforehand. It is almost like smelling food then you suddenly become hungry. This goes for all five of the sense.

You may also want to look into a possible sleeping disorders with your doctor.

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