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Help please
Post # 1
I'm dying just to learn witchcraft. Every website I visit tells me to read more books but how can i do that if the country im living in dont believe in witchcrafts and i cant find any books about it plus I'm only 16 and my parents will probably kill me if they find out what am I up to.

Please i really need a tutor. I can do anything, well, except if oncludes some materials because I don't know where will I get those.
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Re: Help please
Post # 2
I understand exactly where you are coming from. Do you know exactly what you want to focus on or anything goes right now? There are a lot of articles on this site that you can read but you really do need to read book. Some books you can read online as a PDF file, or you could order them and they will get shipped to your house. Where are you from? A lot of new people do not know where to get supplies. I'm a couple years into my path and I still don't know where to get some of my supplies. You don't always need things for magic though. The first step is reading everything and find where yo feel the most comfortable and what path works well for you. Then meditate and learn the basics before you cast any sort of spells. Good luck and let me know if I can do anything else to help you. blessed be!
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Re: Help please
Post # 3
Witchcraft is a broad term, do you know what kind of magic most you're interested in, because thats a good place to start looking.
Like the person before mentioned there are lots of pdf files online that you can use, where I'm from books on these kind of things are very rare to find and very very expensive, and more expensive if you ship it from over seas, so I've relied on pdfs or ebooks.
When you say your country does not believe in magic, do you mean its still outlawed? Or else I'm sure if you looked hard you might find some books, or maybe if you went to second hand shops, book exchanges or garage sales you may just find a little mine of knowledge. Or else internet will be your best friend but take everything you read with a pinch of salt.

There are also some very good articles on this site for beginners and people starting a new craft, most of them are for free and open to the public. They're are articles about basic skills that every practitioner of these crafts should learn eg. meditation, visualisation, energy cleansing etc.

If you know what you're interested in let us know and maybe we can recommend some articles or send links to pdfs and ebooks for you.
If you need help don't be afraid to ask. : )
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