Healing power explained

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Healing power explained
Post # 1
So a few days ago I have asked about some kind of healing power am born with, and actually some people have this, and some people have this but they don't know about it.
So I have done researches and found the explanation.

People that have this power are born with it, and no you can't achieve it by any way.

So it is just a physical thing that some people are born with extra electricity in their body, so this electricity is the thing that speeds up the heal up and it also stops the pain temporarily, now if you think you have this thing, then here is a way that you can test it with you and somebody else.

First get that guy/girl to be infront of you, then just ask them to hold your hand or you hold their hand, and hold their hand as the position of hand shaking, then in about 5 minutes their hand should get the feeling of anesthesia
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Re: Healing power explained
By: / Beginner
Post # 2
While some people are born able to do energy healing better than others, it can be a learned skill. No one is born with more "electricity" than others that allows you to do healing. It is that they can channel energy from outside sources and use it to heal others.

Reiki, for example, is a learned energy healing method from Japan that is common. It is even used by some hospitals. It requires a Master (teacher) to attune a student to be able to channel what it calls Reiki also known as the "universal life force/energy". This attunement process opens up the chakras to allow one to heal oneself and others.

However, there are other forms of energy healing that don't require an attunement. Just practice and study.

And it doesn't just work by giving the person energy to speed up healing. Most the time energy healing is about balancing out the person's energy body and removing any blockages.

I suggest you do a bit more reading on the topic. You might be able to find some books about "laying of hands", Reiki, chakra healing or just "alternative medicine" at your local library. When it comes to the topic of energy healing, I really recommend books over internet sources. It is very easy these days for anyone to just make a website with misinformation.
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Re: Healing power explained
Post # 3

Hm... I messaged you on the first post you made about this because we have the similar gift. I've always been able to heal myself and stop my own minor pains. I appreciate this post that you made on this, but the way you just described it sounds nothing like it :/

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Re: Healing power explained
Post # 4
You could always go on a spirit journey to the top of a mountain an have your own energy healing technique. That way you could bill people to tuned them to your own unique form of healing energy that they could only get from you.
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Re: Healing power explained
By: / Beginner
Post # 5
Hahaha. Yes, Reiki costs a good bit to learn but it is one of the few methods I've seen have "miracle" like results. It was worth the price I paid to learn it after experiencing it first hand. But that is also why there are other methods that don't cost and arm and a leg. There was one that my local Unity church did that was done with a guided cd that was pretty awesome. It was also free.
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