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Post # 1
Just thought I would share a peer reviewed journal I found. Peer review is the standard that academics use as a standard to judge whether information is valid or just fluffy.

The journal:
The Journal of Alternative and Emergent Religions.
Volume: 14
number: 1
Date: August 2010

In it there is an article titled :

"Real Vampires as an Identity Group: Analyzing
Causes and Effects of an Introspective Survey
by the Vampire Community"

That is on Page 4 of the journal.

One interesting thing it discusses is the validation a new category of person as a "vampire".

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Re: Article
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 2
Forget it. It's rubbish!
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Re: Article
Post # 3
Keep in mind. I am not claiming that vampires or real. I am not stating my beliefs. Nor am I claiming facts.

I am saying someone got a peer reviewed article published that puts forth the concept that people could be identified as a vampire.
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Re: Article
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 4
Sidestepper, there are people who identify as vampires. There are vampire cults even. Some groups' members even drink human blood from willing donors, and many choose to live nocturnally.

But they are just as human as anyone else. They are not actual vampires, except through their voluntary behavior.

It is doubtless that there will be legitimate studies of such groups and individuals, from a psychological or anthropological perspective -- perhaps even sociological perspective.
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Re: Article
Post # 5
Why couldn't you study a group of self proclaimed vampires when you can study other groups of individuals? What would make studying their lifestyles any differently.

This is coming from a standpoint of identity. Similar to transgender people wanting to be called a man or a woman and having rights.

If someone wishes to believe that they are a vampire should we deny them that?

I guess it could be compared to someone's right to believe that Jesus is the son of god. Not a drop of science could support that. But people can freely claim that it is true, that they partook of his blood and his body, and that they are on their path to joining him in heaven.

No science can prove who is god or if there is one. Science shows nothing about star signs, or daemons, or mother goddesses, or the power of gemstones.

Just like no science can prove a person is a vampire. It's fairly easy to prove that they are not. But then again, by the same standards most if not all of this sites discourse would also be proven to be just superstitions.
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Re: Article
By: / Novice
Post # 6

Actually science can prove that someone is a human, and anyone who believes that they are a vampire is a human with a delusion.

Everything else in the list is a belief, much like religion, but your species is set in science.

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Re: Article
Post # 7
I did say it is very easy to prove that they are not... By not being a vampire I meant that they were thus Human.
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Re: Article
By: / Novice
Post # 8

Sorry I wrote that out confusingly, I meant that I agreed with the vampire bit because it can be proven that we can only be human, that is why anyone believing that they are a vampire is not healthy, it is a delusion.

It's really late here I am exhausted and sleep deprived.

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Re: Article
Post # 9
No worries.

Back to the transgender thing.

If a man becomes a woman, they have the parts. But genetically they are still a man.
If a man identifies as being a woman, they can legally become a woman. The amount of transition required is varied from area to area. But there are men out there, that are legally women, but have no lady parts.

It is law to call these people by what they ask to be called.

You could easily pull science into play. And you would be right. But the law is on their side.

They identify with the other sex. And you can be charged with harassment if you were to continue to call them by the wrong sex after being told not to.

What does this have to do with vampires and this article?
It has very similar parallels.

Hypothetically speaking, if a law was past to label someone a vampire if they felt themselves to be one then it would mean that the state and everyone in it would be legally required to recognize this. That is what "identity" means. It is how we identify with ourselves.

Sure. They would not live forever. Their bodies would be the exact same as it was before. But legally they would be vampires. Just as legally the transgendered person is considered the sex of their choosing when from birth and genetically they are actually the other sex.
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Re: Article
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 10
No, sidestepper.

When people come to magic sites wanting to be a vampire, they're wanting to become something other than human. They're not talking about something like being transgender; they're talking about lighting a candle and saying some gibberish, believing they will literally grow fangs and become immortal at the cost of thirsting for blood and being burned by sinlight -- or whatever version they think is plausible.

There have even been transgender people asking here how to change their physical bodies with magic into the gender they identify as being.

But it is not possible.

You're trying to draw a parallel which does not exist.
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