No odd things

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No odd things
Post # 1
Spells in general will not produce odd things. Especially at first.

Two reasons. First, The odd things that I am talking about aren't within the realms of capability when it comes to spells, magic and outcomes. Second, you wont have enough practice or skill to create anything remotely neat anyways right off the bat.

Magic is about as dangerous as stopping what your are doing and going on a roadtrip. Especially if you are new.

Demons are not going to come out of thin air. You are not suddenly going to grow a tail. You are not going to make something drastic happen that wouldn't be something that typically could happen in the realm of reality.

Fr example, if you want to have more money in your life you might see these things happen: someone give you money, you find money, you find a new job. What you likely wont see happen is this: you get a job for a multi-million dollar company as the CEOs right hand worker, or you marry a prince(ss).

Magic, for the most part is not instantaneous. So if you try to do something like a protection spell when a big dog is about to bite you it might not work.

All that said, protection spells take time. It would be quicker to just connect to the dog energetically. There is a time and a place for certain magic.

Keep in mind, magic is not just spells. And spells are not just ritual.

You don't need a clear mind for magic. Nor will something over the top happen to you if your mind is not clear. Having a clouded mind is not going to direct energy to a certain path, while at the same time you are actively directing energy to another path. It's just not going to happen. If you are trying to do A, your bored clouded mind with not accomplish spell B on its own. All that will happen is less effectiveness.

If spirits, angels, and demons exist they are nothing to worry too much about. Simple logic. They don't bother us. Other wise it would be all over the news. You will not get possessed. People that are "possessed" are more than likely suffering from schizophrenia.

Mess around with all the types of magic you want. Go ahead. I wont judge you. And besides you are strong willed enough to know that someone saying it is fake or fluffy is not going to change you. You're still a good person. The spell might not work. But who cares. You tried.

Things happen by trying. You can experiment all you want. If you want to see if you can become a fairy, go right ahead. Tell me how that goes. What does it feel like? Is there a physical transformation? Or is this simply a spiritual transformation?

A note on spiritual transformations. They exist. You could, for example spiritually transform into a vampire. Follow me before you judge. You are technically not a vampire. You technically are not even a spiritual vampire. But, what is happening is that you have attuned your energy to a certain wavelength. You will attract certain things into your life. This happens by the simple rules of magic that cause all the other spells to work. You will be able to attract more things vampire-like into your life. You could find people willing to live out fantasies. You could find clubs. You could find bars. You could find towns. All that are specific to your energy.

Of course, you will also attract events and behaviour. You might witness things that are geared towards what you are attuned to. If you are attuned to blood, for example, you may witness people getting pricked around you, or getting paper cuts. If you are strong enough in magic you could see even stronger results. That is just how magic works.

If you were so strong in magic, you could actually build yourself a fairly vampiric life. You wouldn't be a vampire of course.

What you are actually doing is just using attraction spells to bring to life the life you want.

Any questions about magic etc can be sent to my PM box.
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Re: No odd things
Post # 2
Altho I didn't fully understand 100% of that I feel like it cleared a few thing up :)
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Re: No odd things
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 3
Sidestepper keeps on posting his beliefs as though they are facts. I think he just enjoys writing!
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