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For The Newbies
Post # 1

Hello any and all newbies, and maybe even some seasoned practitioners! (Feel free to chime in if I've gotten anything wrong.)

I'm here today to share with you the basics of what I have learned in my years of practicing.


This is reality, and in reality, well, in HP, too, I guess, magick is dangerous. Even if you do good spells, it CAN backfire on you. I am NOT here to deter you, as magick can be a wonderful experience! I'm just here to tell you don't bother wasting your energy on turning into a mermaid or a werewolf. If you think you might be a vampire, you're craving blood, I would highly suggest seeing a therapist, because that right there is actually a legitimate mental issue.

I'm here to tell you that if you're really really serious about magick, that you should know that whether you believe in the three fold law or not, any and all spells can backfire on you. If you do not have a clear mind when doing even good magick, it could harm you.

Say for example you're performing a spell to protect yourself, you should make sure your mind is focused purely on the type of protection you're seeking. If it's protection from a bully, and you're thinking about hurting that bully while seeking protection from that bully, you might make the bullying situation worse, and instead of gaining protection, you might accidentally gain more exposure for that bully to pick on you.

Rituals and spells should be studied and prepared before you perform them, and you should really meditate and clear your mind beforehand. Some practicitioners such as myself do not have to meditate beforehand. It is merely a suggestion for bettering your focus. I have my way, as does any other worker of magick. Any and all preparations done before casting a spell or performing a ritual should be done with care and attention. Magick is not something to be taken lightly, nor is it something to be used to gain anything instantly. It should be used with caution and care. Much like handling glass, it must be handled as if it were fragile.

This post is being made mostly for the newbies and the people looking for physical transformation spells. I want to help both and educate you on the dangers of magick, even if you think it works just like Harry Potter. It might in some other plane of existence, but here, it doesn't. Here on this plane, it should not be played with. So tred lightly, and be sure to have clear and precise thoughts when performing magickal spells and rites.

I am available for questioning personally if you wish to PM me. I'm very open to discussion, but please take note of my rules on my profile before messaging me. I do not take lightly to those asking me to do a spell for them.

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Re: For The Newbies
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 2
Once again the idea is being put forward that a spell is magic.
It isn't!
I have been a witch for over seventy years. I have never cast a spell. My witch teacher would have laughed at the idea of a spell being magic. She didn't cast spells either!
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Re: For The Newbies
Post # 3
I see your point, Brysing. But it all depends on how we view Witchcraft in general. If you wanna cast spells, fair enough. If you want to practice magick via Herbology, brilliant!

It's our opinions, and how other people view magick. There isn't just that one way of doing it.
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Re: For The Newbies
Post # 4
I completely see why you are saying that spells aren't magic. It is my understanding the magic comes from within us and our energy. So if we decide to cast spells or not, it is completely up to us. Spells aren't needed or required, but some people may feel the need to recite a spell in certain situations. Am I taking this right?
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Re: For The Newbies
Post # 5
I am new to all of this and would like to know more if you can help me
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Re: For The Newbies
Post # 6

I do suppose I could have been a little bit more clear. :) Brysing, you do bring up a good point. Not all magick is about casting spells. This post, however, is based around that, because personally, I cast spells. When people - especially younger minds - think about magick, they think about spells. So my post was based around that so anyone new to magick could see that this is a serious subject, and not something to use in order to gain a different physical body, because it just doesn't work that way.

And Zero, if you want to know more, feel free to message me personally. :)

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