Understandin a Terot read

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Forums -> Misc Topics -> Understandin a Terot read

Understandin a Terot read
Post # 1
Hi all

I just did a terot reading here and I don't know how to read it. I am a Gemini so does that mean it is the only card that applies to me? I thought all of the cards played a part in a reading. I am very new at thanks for and advise!
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Re: Understandin a Terot read
Post # 2

As I work with Tarot, upon doing the reading, there is usually a key such as a booklet that contains what each card means. When you find out the meaning of each crd (or of the particular card) it's really how you interpret the meaning, or how each card comes together to give out a message. Hope this helped, Blessed Be!

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Re: Understandin a Terot read
By: / Novice
Post # 3

As the poster above has said, usually with a deck of cards there is a small instruction guide and sometimes even a book.

If you are missing that then head online and find a decent website about tarot card reading and potential spreads and information.

All the cards you deal are important in the reading, but what they mean depends on the type of spread you are doing, so I would have a good look for which ones you prefer.

Good Luck.

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Re: Understandin a Terot read
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 4
Jamie, I'll assume you used the tarot feature on the site, and it displayed the calendar spread. I just checked, as that site feature typically uses the same spread for 24 hours, and that's what came up.

Here are some things to consider:

The tarot feature is basically a randomly generated system. It has 78 options, reversed or not to choose from in an elimination system. I'm not sure whether, or even how, your name and/or question would come into play. Perhaps it uses something numerology-related but I don't really know. Just take the results with whatever grain of salt you choose. Some people may use it as a divination source, while others don't.

On to reading a spread: The entire spread tells a tale about the question -- to put it simply. Every card plays a part in some aspect.

But again comes a shortfall of the tarot feature on the site: It gives but a brief explanation. The meanings of the cards are not so short, nor are they set. A lot can be inferred by position relative to other cards, and even the intuition of the person reading the cards.

I think the tarot feature on this site is a good tool, but not in my opinion for actual divination. It is a good research tool, for seeing different card combinations. Someone can look up broader interpretations online, or use a book, and use the tarot feature here as a learning tool.
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