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Post # 1
Your body.
belief in magic/energy works.

Sit onto a bed/chair/couch. Make sure you are completely relaxed before we begin. Close your eyes, and focus your intention upon feeling your back/body meeting the item you're sitting on. Feel it's general feeling. How does it feel to just touch this item? To just be on the chair/couch? What does it bring to your back physically? Feel these. Move to your chest and heart area. How does that feel to have a chest and heart? How does your heartbeat feel in your chest? How does it feel to breathe? Move to your arms and hands. How does it feel to have limbs? How does your body feel right now? Let your body meet with your mind. Focus it lightly and then on your breath. Breathe normally and naturally. How does it feel, going in and out? Feel your stomach. How does it feel when it softens? How does your breath feel going into it? Do not force any part of this. How does your body feel now? All of your body? Stay here for as long as you like: holding your body in focus.
Part 2: When you reach last part, you can now focus to your emotions: how are they now? Where are they coming from? Do they feel like yours or someone else? Feel them now.
Focus to your mind. What thoughts are there? How do your emotions and mind interact with your body? Where are your thoughts going?
Lastly; Do not focus on any part of yourself but your being how your emotions and all flow together as one. Then look inside. Feel if there is a vibration within. This is your soul. Breathe into this vibration. Feel it call you, feel it vibrate and pulsate, and send and receive information. It IS you. WAS you the whole time. Now feel it expand to your body and it's connection there. Expanding further. Out to the world. Feel your soul form spiderwebs. Now breathe into these connections. Feel what these bring to your body. Let them be and do not let them be yours.
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Re: Meditation
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 2
There are many methods of meditation. This is not a very good one!
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Re: Meditation
Post # 3
It works for me and some others on the site too.
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Re: Meditation
Post # 4
Nice Job!

I would try to use the "Enter" key more option though. I is hard to read what you posted because it is all one block.

I personally enjoy the method of changing focus to various parts of the body. I find it helps relax you more.

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Re: Meditation
Post # 5
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