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Forums -> Misc Topics -> witches

Post # 1
can any body tell me about witches in india and share their experience has anybody come across witches physically how do they behave
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Re: witches
By: / Novice
Post # 2
Well I'm not Indian [unless you mean Native because I am that, but I'm guessing you mean from India] but I am a witch. We act like anyone else really, there isn't anything magical or special. You might be able to notice one if they choose to wear magickal symbols or crystals, and some wear black robes, but it's not a universal thing. Each witch is different depending on their spiritual beliefs [and some don't even believe in spirits] so it's hard to say how to spot a witch, but witches are wise, and have a knowledge of nature and plants/herbs. They might cast spells, but they may not, it again depends on the path. Why do you ask?
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Re: witches
Post # 3
thanks for reply but when u say u r a witch does that mean that u r natural human being in existence as people on earth r like i am a man living in india or u r a spirit of a dead person who as belived transforms her in any body shape pl help me

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Re: witches
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 4
Swarnkar, a witch is a human being.
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Re: witches
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 5
Swarnkar, you have posted this before, and been told what a witch is.
You have been told that the words "witch" and "witchcraft" are used in the English-speaking world. The words would be different in your language, but the Craft would be the same.
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Re: witches
Post # 6

Swarnkar, I think you might be confusing 'witch' with Daayan, Churel and other similar terms (I'm not an expert on Indian folk tales but Daayan is the word I stumble across most often) and talking at cross-purposes. Translation is a funny thing and the word 'witch' especially has been used to mean lots of different things by lots of different people. When Nekoshema, Brysing, prsona and most people on here talk about witches, they are referring to human people who practice magic and related craft.

Daayan, as worshippers of Kali and Durga, are human but the root of the word in Sanskrit suggested they were once considered to be entirely different to humans and were supernatural. Churels (which fit the description you mentioned) are vengeful spirits of women who have similar kinds of characteristics to Daayan but they aren't witches at all.

I suspect 'witch' was used as a translation for these words since they bear some resemblance to the Medieval concepts of witches as followers of the Devil but I'd like to think we've moved on a bit in the last several hundred years.

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