get out of my head spell?

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Forums -> Spell Suggestions -> get out of my head spell?

get out of my head spell?
Post # 1
So I came across the idea while meditating on the fact that I had 3 guys n my life I liked but I wanted to focus on my life and on school. So I meditated and though of a simple spell that worked until I personally messed it up. Ill explain as I go along.

So I set up my altar to have a bowl of peppermint(Good luck in business and juniper (success and prosperity) I recommend that you use herbs in your bowl that represent exactly why you want to get rid of these people from your mind.

I then filled the bowl with a small amount of water and sat a candle in it. I did this partially for safety but more because both the success and the action I wanted at the center of my altar. I placed a pink candle representing affection in the bowl and cast my circle.

The next thing I did was I wrote the names of the 3 people I wanted out of my head from pieces of parchment from my book of shadows and set them in front of me between the bowl and myself.

I relaxed and meditated and spoke "Take this person from my mind, let (persons name) no longer catch my eye. May my heart go to before (persons name)came to me. As I will so mote it be." and I took that persons name and held it over the candle and the ashes fell into the water. Don't simply place the name over the candle or it will snuff it out.
I repeated this for the second person. The part where I screwed up was the paper fell out of my hand and into the water. and thus the person is still in my mind (Kinda a good thing I guess he and I have been getting a long really well) But I recommend being careful and maybe using something like tongs or something to hold it over the fire.
This spell is more of a "reset my feelings to before I met you spell" I phrased it this way so that I could make sure my feelings were true and sorting them out instead of them just being from circumstance. In the end everything worked out.

Let me know if you've tried it and how it works for you. This is the first spell I've ever written myself. Blessed be.

(also please let me know how you would change it)

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