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Post # 1
If someone wants to protect their kind, do you think it would be hard

Re: Wolves
Post # 2
What do you mean by it? Your title is wolves and then ask a vague question with no further details

Re: Wolves
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 3

When you speak about "their kind" are you referring to the claim in your profile that you are a werewolf? If so then there is no kind for you to protect as there are no werewolves. You are human and will remain so.

The whole idea of the werewolf is based on a medieval misunderstanding of certain medical conditions such as rabies and hirsutism. It later was picked up as the basis for fantasy novels and Hollywood films. But it is nothing more than fantasy. Neither you nor anyone else is actually a werewolf.

Re: Wolves
Post # 4
When you say "their kind" are you referring to something not being human, or just as a general question?? It's kind of hard to answer a question as vague as yours. Wolves as a species will not think twice about killing a threat to their pack. It's the same with people. Werewolves on the other hand are an entirely different matter all together. If you meant this question to be directed towards werewolves, you should have put that in either the title of this thread or in your question. Common knowledge.

Re: Wolves
By: / Novice
Post # 5

Awarewolves, for one, your example of a black hole is not great, considering we can see black holes and so know that they exist, we are also living in the most knowledgeable period so far and have proven that the majority of symptoms associated with lycanthropy were simply medical conditions that were mis-diagnosed.

We know that no one can change their DNA, that is also a fact, your DNA is set any changes that occur are minor mutatons that are removed by your body from the DNA sequence or go on to cause tumors, etc, mutations do not cause lycanthropy.

Of course we do not know everything about life, or the world, but I can pretty much garantee that all but 1 in around a million people who claim to be werewolves are either role players or delusional, the other one person is something that we cannot test, because a lot of people who are 100% certain that they are werewolves would never dream of coming forwards for testing, this is the reason people are so scheptical, because no one would be willing to come forwards even if they were 100% certain (in their mind) that they were a werewolf.

Very knowledgeable people like Lark, give advice based on what is the most reasonable assumption, doing anything different would be like going to a doctor and them telling you that your cough is actually some rare disease that will kill you, when it's just strep, it isn't reasonable to give advice based on the most far fetched possibility.

Re: Wolves
Post # 6
Wolves are one of my favourite animals they are so beautiful.

Re: Wolves
Post # 7
Lycanthropy is not the study of werewolves, but more of the connections in DNA between wolves and humans. There is no in between. You are either wolf or you are human. And from the looks of your picture, my fear friend, you are very much as human as I and the others on this thread. People who claim to be werewolves, as was stated above, are delusional. The closest one can come to being a "werewolf" is to have a wolf as a gaurdian spirit. So, 28th my last few words, I say that this thread being started was very much pointless when you look at the facts. I bid you ado. Blessed Be

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