Fluffy Dragon Construct

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Fluffy Dragon Construct
Post # 1
I figure I would add something of use the might wet the appetites of the "fluff" looking for spells and such dealing with dragons/mermaids/etc.

This has to do with construct.
A construct is a energy form that you create and you give life to. There are various uses for this, but I'm just going over the how.

This assumes you already know how to work with energy.

Figure out your defining characteristics of your construct.

I will be providing examples.

Name: Charles
Personality: likes seashells, olives, purple farts (you'll have to ask him about that one), and road signs. He doesn't like homework.
Image: 6 foot long wingless dragon. Waddles when he walks. Fluffy pink and purple hair, similar to a Husky. A long tounge that is rough like a cat.

The more information the better.

Find a physical object that will help you when calling your construct. It will also help focus your energy and form it.

Physical object: yellow kazoo.

You can later you more objects, but start with one. Out of respect for your construct always use the starting object as it's main object.

Cleanse your work area.
Cleanse your body.
Cleanse your object and try to empty it of excess energy.
Call into yourself energy of form, change, creation, and any characteristics of your construct.
Fill yourself and your room with this energy.
Eall for aid if you wish from guides/spirit/etc.
Breath them (energetically) into your construct.

Repeat as needed. You need to be able to sense your construct's energy that you are putting into the object even when you are not actively putting energy into it.

This will need to be repeated on a regular basis or your construct will dissipate.

Always respect your construct. You may find they take on a life of their own.

For further research you can look up Golems from Jewish Folklore. There are a lot of similarities.

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Re: Fluffy Dragon Construct
Post # 2
I wish there was a way to edit posts on here...

"Fill yourself and your room with this energy.
Eall for aid if you wish from guides/spirit/etc.
Breath them (energetically) into your construct."

I meant "call" not "eall"
And by "breath them" I am speaking of the energies you are creating and pulling into you, not the guides.
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