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Spell removal- help
Post # 1
Hello all! Thank you for taking your time to read this. My name is Brandy, & I am in need of some guidance/assistance. I do believe for some time now... Well YEARS shall we say, that I have been the unfortunate recipient of a very negative curse or spell, that was in reality meant for a close loved one as I was just coming into my adolescent years... My mother was in a coven around then, great people except for 1 or 2 that always seemed to have a eerie creepy vibe/aura about them.. So in turn I have been plagued with negative things in a vicious cycle over and over. No matter how hard I try, what I do, I end up failing. I need to know if there is such a thing.. for someone's hate/jealousy of one be so strong & powerful that it can proceed to cast upon the onlookers... & if so how do I rid myself of this?
What is yalls take on Karmic Debt?

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Re: Spell removal- help
Post # 2
Hello Brandy. It is important to remember that another person's karma cab not be passed over to you, your karma is only created by your decisions.

I am going to reccomend a spell I use to banish negativity. I do not know which deities you work with so I will try to keep it simple.

1.) Cut two small pieces of paper
2.) On one piece write your name, and on the other write "negativity"
3.) Glue them together. This symbolizes that negativity has attatched itself to you.
4.) Get a jar, fill it with water. If you are able put some sage, or euclyptus or rosemary oil inside of it. Any mixture of the three will do, they all have banishing properties. If that isn't accessable to you put some salt into the water to purify it.
5.) Peel the two prices of paper apart, symbolizing that you are removing the negativity.
6.) Burn the paper with negativity written on it (simply put it to a lighter) and drop it in the jar.
7.) Close the jar and keep it somehwere safe.

I would have to know more about your situation to write a chant for you. But here is one that should work.

"Thorn of eye
eye of thorn
Weak be gone
strength be born
From this day
And all to come
No more stain
No more pain
it will not last
now erased shall be the past
freed the spirit new and young
a blessed chapter has begun."

If you ever feel any negativity after the spell, chant this. You should also do it while performing the spell.

If you have any questions or need any more help feel free to message me.
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Re: Spell removal- help
Post # 3
and *pieces

Lol autocorrect, sorry.
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