Accept Lucifer as Lord

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Accept Lucifer as Lord
Post # 1
Just wondering how much your commitment to Lord Lucifer is. Or well i guess he doesn't care what you do. But how grateful you are to his fight for equality
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Re: Accept Lucifer as Lord
Post # 2
I think of him more of an aspect of the whole. The whole "fight for equality" thing is of course only one view of him.

If I were to ever use him as a way to connect it would be for these aspects:
Lost love
In someone's shadow
Connections to otherly

In terms of a commitment, my commitment to his aspect is only as much as his commitment to mine. Common goals are common goals.

That, of course, goes for any god or lesser being aspect as well.

Keep in mind, my view is that everything is all part of a whole. Lucifer, Jesus, Buddha, Siddhartha, Krishna, Kali, Vishnu, and Sponge Bob, to name a few, are all aspects of this whole.
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Re: Accept Lucifer as Lord
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 3

Many of us on this site have no connection to Lucifer or to Satan; although some certainly do believe in him.

But, as an example, Wiccans neither worship Lucifer or Satan. He is not part of the Wiccan belief system.

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Re: Accept Lucifer as Lord
Post # 4
Some wiccans believe in the mother goddess and father god as actually being parts of one whole of all that is. Representing the mother and father aspects. They also represent daughter and son. Within the male aspect would be found all aspects of males. Including all males gods, angles, demons, demigods, fae, cartoon characters, and even myself.
Along those lines, since lucifer is male he is also part of the father god. Thus he is also worshipped by wiccans.
While unpleasant to think of, it is still true when considering the parts of a whole concept
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Re: Accept Lucifer as Lord
Post # 5
I wouldn't call my patron Lucifer, as in the theological Devil.

My Devil is the folk devil, the rebranded old god of winds & storms, initiation & sorcery, the dead and wilds. He is a fairy lord and Watcher.

He wears many masks, and certainly isn't afraid of Donnig the costume of Lucifer from Christian mythos. Amoral and neautral, a natural turnskin.
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Re: Accept Lucifer as Lord
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 6
Sidestepper,please don't state your beliefs as though they are fact.
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Re: Accept Lucifer as Lord
Post # 7
I said "some", not all.
And "when considering", meaning only dealing with that view of deities.

Other wiccans do not follow that.

I could post references when i have time about the view of mother god and father god as being parts of the whole. I know that even with references it doesnt make anything fact
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Re: Accept Lucifer as Lord
Post # 8
First off,
I do not claim these to be my beliefs.
I do not claim these to be fact.
I do not claim them to be valid sources of information.

All that said, I will now provide some references so that I do not look as though I have an agenda to sway the minds of others into believing what I believe. I was just trying to help provide knowledgeable information.

"We worship a deity that is both male and female, a mother Goddess and father God"


The one, All

?Then as we mature, various other aspects of Divinity take forms. Peer-type Gods and Goddesses that reflect the ideal adult self.
And some day, in our full spiritual maturity, we will go beyond the need to break down the Divine at all.
We can begin to worship the One, the Creative Essence, the Light which is ALL.?

both masculine and feminine.
personified as gods
Witches reject the masculine, patriarchal concept of God, in favor of older ideas. We do not see why a rigid monotheism should necessarily be a sign of human advancement, as it is generally taken to be. It seems more reasonable to us to conceive of divinity as being both masculine and feminine; and as evolving moreover a hierarchy of great beings, personified as Gods and Goddesses, who rule over the different departments of nature, and assist in the evolution of the cosmos.

There is not one ?God and Goddess of Wicca?.
There is the Creative Life Force that is the basic energy of the universe. It is the unknowable force in the universe that all religion has been invented to try to explain.
Religion, Goddess and God are all human constructs that are tools to be used to understand the world as we know it.
The Creative Life Force is the Divine in all things. It works in polarities such as God and Goddess, Positive and Receptive, Force and Form, Ebb and Flow. It is neutral. There is no ultimate good or ultimate evil.
Each Goddess or God is a construct of humans trying to explain the world that we live in. We tend to model them after what we know. Just as we divide ourselves up into groups, Mother, Maiden, Crone, Youth, Sage, Father, Builder, Destroyer, etc. The ancients divided up the characteristics of their Gods like God of Lightening, God of the Sun, Goddess of Water, and Goddess of the Moon. We use them to explain what happens in the world around us. They are the personification of Nature.


I was coming from that concept when I was saying that Lucifer is part of the father god, who is also part of the divine force, the all, the is.

Hope that clears things up a bit. I can provide more references if that will help.
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Re: Accept Lucifer as Lord
Post # 9
Why so many people professing paganism and yet take on Christian teachings? Lucifer (Latin) or Heosforos (Greek) is a pagan god of Venus.
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Re: Accept Lucifer as Lord
Post # 10
Ohhh.. so is Lucifer the god of Venus ^^... he is a good god. and i ask to pray for people when in need for healing. Blessed be.
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