Precognitions and visions

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Precognitions and visions
Post # 1
First of all: I sometimes have precognitions that come true exactly how I dreamed them, but i was wandering I there was a way of remembering them or improving them without a dream journal.
Second of all: This happened to me just one time. I was in my bed at around 12 in the evening and I felt like I was going insane. My heart was beating like never before, I wasn't sweating, but I wad heated up. I started seeing and hearing things very clearly, but my eyes were open. Everywhere I was looking I saw the illuminati sign and different images on the background. It felt like I was seeing what a spirit or somethin was taking control. I heard a different voice in my head that was telling me that illuminati isn't ruled by humans. I was also listening to music, and I heard beats in the songs that I know very well. Beats that I've never heard before. After about one hour, maybe exactly one hour it stopped and I fell asleep (or fainted from exhaustion). It felt horrible, but I kinda want to experience it again. If you can tell me what that was, or anything about that "vision", please fell free to do so.

Thank you for your help (if any) and good luck.
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Re: Precognitions and visions
By: / Novice
Post # 2

I have noticed that just thinking about the dreams I have had the night before helps me remember them. But a dream journal is really helpful.

And that sounds like sleep paralysis. It can cause hallucintions and things like that. From what I'e heard, it isn't very pleasant. Looking it up will bring up a lot of information about it.

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Re: Precognitions and visions
Post # 3
It can be pleasant. Just depends. What do you mean by the "Illuminati sign" If you're talking about the eye of providence (on the back of the dollar bill), that has nothing to do with the Illuminati. At all. That sign has existed long before the Illuminati, and people being people just like to create conspiracy over it. In conclusion, I have no freaking idea what you experienced, but I would have to agree with the above that is sounds like sleep paralysis.
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Re: Precognitions and visions
Post # 4
It's not sleep paralysis, because I could move. And the eye is just a symbol used by people to represent Illuminati. If a spirit was communicating with me or I was having a vision, that was a symbol that I would recognize and know what this is all about. I don't know if I said this, but I was hearing different voices explaining stuff. I remember some, but I don't feel good saying them and to be honest I feel scared when I think of them. Maybe that's just because of how I felt while hearing and seeing those messages.
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