Anointing a candle

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Anointing a candle
Post # 1
Good morning, I am a new member and have been researching how to cast a spell to attract love. I obtained an encased 7-day candle and searched YouTube for videos on the practice of anointing a candle. The few videos I've seen typically show a practitioner applying oil to their hands and then massaging the outside of an unwrapped candle in an upward motion to draw in love. I've not found a video yet of oil being applied to an encased candle. I could place a few drops on the top of the candle, but I've read that downward motion is usually used for a withdrawing spell. Any suggestions on a good method to anoint the candle in a way that attracts the energy I'm seeking? Thanks in advance!
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Re: Anointing a candle
By: / Novice
Post # 2
it depends on personal preference. i was first taught you anoint the candle by placing oil on your fingertips, then massage the oil from the middle up, then the middle down. later, i was taught you start from the bottom up, after that it was top down, and finally you place a drop on the top and a drop on the bottom. basically whatever works for you. i rarely anoint my candles with oil and the spells work fine.

if you have a candle in a jar, you could try anointing the jar, but i would either not anoint, or place it in some blessed water for a few seconds. i've never heard of an encased 7-day candle, but if it's inside an object, you can anoint the candle before placing it inside, or anoint the objects, just make sure if you have to move it you don't use too much and it slips.
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Re: Anointing a candle
Post # 3
Thanks for the guidance Nekoshema.
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Re: Anointing a candle
Post # 4
Also for full clarity, the candle is not fully encased, it is open at the top, but the entire length below the wick sits inside a glass cylinder. I cannot remove the candle without damaging it, so therefore, I cannot apply oil to the sides or shaft of the candle. I will try one of the methods proposed in an earlier response tonight around midnight. Thanks again.
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