~~For Vampires~~

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~~For Vampires~~
Post # 1
Ok so I'm new to the site but I wanted to contribute to others here... So for the vampires on his site that will sometimes have an undying thirst for blood and/or flesh, I have something for you I just figured out and am still testing a drink that may help with cravings... So take some rose petals and rose marry and mix that together with orange reigns. If you let that soak in water and then drink it, it may help, it did for me! Hope this helps!

Re: ~~For Vampires~~
Post # 2
Vampires are not real. Lol. BTW I like Vampire Knight too

Re: ~~For Vampires~~
Post # 3

Actually, there is a condition out there that does make people feel the need to drink blood. It's called clinical vampirism, or more commonly, Renfield's syndrome. It makes a person crave blood. They can feel the need, even, to want actual fangs, so they go through plastic surgeries and whatnot. BUT, they cannot bite you, and you cannot turn from a bite, obviously. But the need to drink blood is a very real thing.

I'm leaving the wikipedia link because it's become a super reliable site.

Re: ~~For Vampires~~
Post # 4
Vampires, in the sense of a very physical being rising from the grave to feed on the living, is false.

Clinical vampirism and Sanguine Vampirism, sure, for those of you who really have the blood fetish. I'm sure they are the more physical conterparts to the psychic vampire, so I don't see any reason why drinking physical blood isn't a transference of energy that some people might crave. I just don't think drinking a Venusian infusion of herbs is going to do the trick for curbing such a desire.

There is the psychic or energy vampire. Some people are born with it, others learn vampiric techniques (I've even managed to do it hedge-crossing ethereally in an animal shape). For those who have a legitamate aura type, they need the attention and energy of those around them.

And finally, the most juicy of them, the Ethereal Revenant, a ghost that tries to avoid the second death and their ethereal form deteriorating by feeding on life energy. Nasty spirits, and pretty rare in the modern world, given they are still tied to their body, and with all the cocktails of chemicals and removal of organs, most cadavers get treatment that destroys the possibility of such a thing happenings. They often arise from evil people (especially magick users) and occasionally the psychic or sanguine vampire I can imagine.

Re: ~~For Vampires~~
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 5
Wikipedia "super reliable"? Any Tom,Dick,or Harry can write anything they like on Wikipedia. You can write on Wikipedia. If you think that everything on Wikipedia is true,then you have my sympathy,as you will never know fact from fiction.

Re: ~~For Vampires~~
Post # 6
Vampires have been a popular topic over the years, probably because of the idea of immortality over the actual blood sucking nonsense.
Well let me get one thing straight.
This is not a threat or an attack. It's a statement. Honestly we should not be afraid of it, death can lead to new beginnings. While science has very strong evidence against the afterlife or any Diety, that doesn't mean that you can't have faith in God, The Devil, or whoever you worship. Life is a beautiful path that should be lived to its absolute fullest.
And for anyone who claims to be a Vampire, if you want to live your life as a vampire character, then stride towards that. Buy some quality fangs, some nice clothes, contacts, or even join a real life coven of vampire cosplay. There are plenty in this world, and if you can't find one then make your own. Be free.
For any hardcore believers or those who claim the medical condition, well drink something with fruit punch and call it blood. Don't spread false ideas about ways to become vampires, ways to quench vampire thirst, or make up a spell with a list of side effects that claim to be 'proof' of it working.
Magick never has and never will turn you or anyone else into a vampire, yes that's said a lot but it is true so get it in your head.

Re: ~~For Vampires~~
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 7
By the way, Renfield's Syndrome is a joke! It is a parody, on the novel Dracula, by psychologist Richard Noll. It doesn't exist. It is similar to the old joke of the medical scientist who says,
"I've just discovered a cure for a disease that doesn't exist."
Richard Noll was writing a warning that some psychologists will claim all sorts of mental disorders that are not recognized by Psychiatry.
Anybody who drinks human blood is an idiot! Human blood is toxic!

Re: ~~For Vampires~~
Post # 8
Also it has a high Risk of STDs and other dangerous diseses and pathogens. Eating animals is already dangerous and can lead to dangerous infections.... consuming any part of na animal the same species has increased risk of transmitting illnesses.

Re: ~~For Vampires~~
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 9
Whoops! Eating animals is dangerous! That's put paid to the lion and the tiger, then!

Re: ~~For Vampires~~
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 10
All animals (except the human) will kill and eat their own young that are born "abnormal". All male felines will kill and eat the young of a mother they are wanting to mate with.
Only the flesh of humans would be labelled "Unfit For Human Consumption". Because of all the chemicals from a thousand years of "civilization".

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