Indoors & faeries

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Indoors & faeries
Post # 1
Is it possible to find/is it okay to summon faeries indoors, or are they meant to be solely outside?

Also, does anyone know of any good articles/websites where I can learn more about them? :)
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Re: Indoors & faeries
Post # 2
Depends on your preconceptions on what fairies are.

The fey are a diverse range of spirits, from the spirits of rocks and trees, to the genii loci of place, house spirits, to those spirits that exist in the great below, Elphame, luminous Watchers, Old Gods, the hosts of the Dead, Goblins, etc.

Often chthonic, capable of malevolence turned up to 11, inhuman morality, operating on rules most care not bother with, and certainly not the tinkerbells of popular culture.

In essence, fairies can be just as pretty and nice, as they can be dangerous and hideous. Take the Slaugh (think a host of unbaptized evil shades that like to drop people from heights for fun), a red cap, or even the common goode folk (things like replacing your firstborn with a stick, to blighting your crops, or better yet, finding human suffer HYSTERICAL). Hell, I think demons, jinn, etc, are fairies by another name.

Plenty fairies can and do work indoors. Brownies, House Hobbs, Tomte are house spirits that can and do move in, though they are more like little helpers than workable entities.

You wanna learn about fairies? Go look at folklore. Skip all the new age stuff that likes the victorian romanticization that gave us the little tinkerbells we see everywhere. It's neither helpful, nor safe to rely on that stuff.

A great book I would recommend for familiar spirit alliances with fairies is an acedemic work; Cunning Folk and Familiar Spirits by Emma Wilby.
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Re: Indoors & faeries
Post # 3
my grandfathers teacher,he summoned a fairy indoors,he said it had big wings and as the size of a human
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Re: Indoors & faeries
By: / Beginner
Post # 4
Their are several types of fey that are found indoors. Brownies are a fey that reside in homes for example. However, I wouldn't suggest trying to summon any type of fey folk. They aren't all sweet and nice like the Tinker Bell movies.

Best places to learn about them? Go get some classic irish folktale books from your local library. It will help you understand the nature of these beings. I also recommend "A Witch's Guide to Faery Folk" by Edain McCoy and "Enchantment of the Faerie Realm" by Ted Andrews.
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Re: Indoors & faeries
Post # 5
Yes you can summon fae indoors or outdoors. They're are actually faeries who live indoors! Be careful when summoning as they get offended and angry easily. You may only see flashes, dashes, shadows or lights. Depending on what type and how much you really believe. I see faeries all the time. I'm an Irish Witch so if you like look up some folklore, also sing and dance, talk to trees and be eco friendly. Leave offerings such as tea, honey and milk, cream and sugar or sugar on bread, even fruit!
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Re: Indoors & faeries
Post # 6
Thanks everyone. :)
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