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Hello Everyone
Post # 1
I'm new to this website. I've always been interested in Magic, Mythology and religion... although funnily enough I seem to lack faith. My Past is really hard as is my present. I seem to turn away everyone around me. Maybe my lack of faith is due to the Loss of na Important friendship. to me it was more far more than friendship. I was searching for Soulmates and I stumbled upon this website. I've been unable to heal. In the past I could predict the future, but since that loss I can't and any forecasting power I had vanished. I'm seeking mystical answers because I cannot for anything remove my feelings and my pain. Medicines that would normally work in case of unhealthy feelings towards someone don't work on me. My Heart and everything seems Healthy, my psychiatrist says I'm healthy and still I feel so much pain.
I started looking for scientific reason for me to be dreaming about that person before I even met him or moved to the same city. I was looking for ways not to love him and I stumbled upon you.
But lately my mystical path seems to be getting back. I've lost any faith I had but I accidentally came across alchemical books. In the past I looked for them and was unable to find them... now I'm seeking something else and find this. I don't know what it means but I like this website and I felt at home.

If anyone sees it I just want to ask something. How are your numerology numbers added? I use Pythagorean method and get my expression number and all numbers adding up to 9 so I end up with only 9's and when I evaluate correlations with birthdate it adds up to 6 so I was curious to understand how you calculate your numbers . ( Ok so despite the fact that I have no faith I may be curious about it all)
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Re: Hello Everyone
Post # 2
In all the Heart Number , Social Number and Character Number and some other number I can't remember adds up to 9
and those that involve birthdate add up to 6
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Re: Hello Everyone
By: / Novice
Post # 3

Skepticism is normal, so don't worry about that. It is healthy to question things and seek for answers. When I have done numerology type stuff, I have simply added all the numbers together until I get a single digit number.

Pain is human. You aren't going to get rid of it, emotionally. But you can learn to live a happier healthier lifestyle. Some medicines can help with that, therapy can help with that, certain food can help, hobbies can help, friends can help. Many things can help you be happier, you just have to find what works for you, but you may have to so some searching, soul searching or otherwise. But there are still always going to be hard times and painful things.

Keep reading, keep looking for answers. If anything, there is always a lesson to be learned from new experiences.

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Re: Hello Everyone
Post # 4
I was asking mainly because the numbers I get in this website are diferente from the ones I got from my own studies on numerology and I always get the numbers right that is why I was Interested in finding out the method this website uses
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