Love sickness

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Love sickness
Post # 1
What is the best way to cure a pain that love causes?
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Re: Love sickness
By: / Beginner
Post # 2
do you mean trying to heal a broken heart? I don't generally work with love spells or recovery, but some on here may have what you are looking for.

I work with herbs and healing.I just posted to someone else some suggestions for this same request; Burning clove is often used to drive away hostile and negative forces which could also be contributed towards heart ache. You can try smudging your home with clove. I also have recommended in my book eating an apricot will give you a sweet disposition, which might help your outlook on moving forward and recovering from the pain associated from a break up.

While I don't have any specific spells for heart ache recovery, there is the method of carrying around two adam and eve roots to attract love as well as being free from competitors. Most people I will sew the roots into a small bag to carry more easily in a purse. Lastly Allspice is used for healing and I have used it for mental healing as well. There are many different ways to use it, I generally make a chili using it as one of the main ingredients for people I am assisting.

I know you were looking for a spell, hopefully someone will comment that might have one. Hope some of this information helps
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Re: Love sickness
Post # 3
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Re: Love sickness
Post # 4
adam and eve roots come from what plant? I'm sorry If I'm Ignorant on the topic. I have a wide theoretical knowledge but I'm still new to the Practical side of Magic, and most of my knowledge of Herbs is mainly its medicinal properties. I know little of their mystical application. I'm more familiar with the use of Gems and Stones
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Re: Love sickness
By: / Beginner
Post # 5
The Adam and Eve root comes from a type of Orchid, and while I do keep orchids I don't harvest them. I generally purchase the roots from someone so they are already prepped. The scientific name is Aplectrum hyemale and the theory is that the Adam root is the first grown and the eve root is the following year's growth and the two become entwined. Its really the bulb of the plant that is used, which the roots grow from.

There are also a vast number of crystals that can be used in love and healing which with your background in crystals, you would probably be able to get the same results.

Hope this helps!
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Re: Love sickness
Post # 6

Unakite - speaks to the heart and opens love within.

Olive wood - brings self-love and balance, suited for overcoming guilt and shame.

Oil of Linden BLossom - revives love when sadness blocks the heart, restores inner peace and promotes hapieness.

Colour Pink - for acceptance, affection, romance, feminity, friendship, peace and self compassion.

Granite - helps keep deep emotions in check.

Neroli oil - lift deppresing thoughts or heal rifts.

Jade - heals and protects the one who carries it.

Black gems - absorbs negative thoughts, energies and keeps them away.

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Re: Love sickness
By: / Novice
Post # 7
Rosemary was believed to be a powerful remedy for a broken heart. Try wearing rosemary oil or boiling some rosemary in water, staining it, and making tea out of it.
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