I need somewhere to turn

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I need somewhere to turn
Post # 1
I need help with spells to ward off a man who is taking advantage of my mentally challenged daughter- PLEASE
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Re: I need somewhere to turn
By: / Novice
Post # 2

You need to get authorities involved and get a restraining order. You don't need a spell for this. A spell will do you no good in this situation until you've done the above two things.

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Re: I need somewhere to turn
Post # 3
It's true. What magick can do for you is give you the strength to go to the authorities, and there are some other things that could be done that might help in the interim, but for the most part you MUST do this using physical means.

Surely you know the old adage, "God helps those who help themselves?" Let me explain how magick works using an anecdote stolen from my time as a Christian pastor:

So, a witch goes swimming in a river and accidentally wanders into a rapid current from which she can't escape.She grabs a branch and begins an invocation to her patron deity. "Grant me safety from this situation!" she cries.

After a moment, a man walks along the bank and calls out to her. "Hey, do you need help?" he calls.

"No thanks," is her reply. "I've called upon the spirits and they will surely come down and whisk me away in a magickal chariot of fire very soon! Thank you so much for the offer though!"

After a bit, a couple in a canoe pass by. They try to stop and help the witch into her boat, but again, she declines with the same explanation.

A bit concerned, the boaters call the police. After a while of holding the branch, the witch sees a rescue helicopter begin to descend. A voice comes over the loudspeaker:

"We're here to rescue you, ma'am. Hold on just a moment."

"I'm fine!" she calls back. "I've called upon the..." with that she is ripped from the branch by a particularly strong current and dragged down the river to her death.

Moments later, she arrives in the afterlife, and her patron deity approaches her.

"Why didn't you rescue me! I called upon you for help and you never came!"

The spirit, somewhat taken aback, replies "What are you talking about! I sent you a guy, a boat, AND a helicopter!"

I'm sure everyone who reads this message would be willing to help in whatever way they can, but you need to take action in the physical world if you want any of our spiritual assistance to be of any use!
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