Deities of Self-Esteem?

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Forums -> Spiritual Creatures -> Deities of Self-Esteem?

Deities of Self-Esteem?
Post # 1
Hello everyone,

I am currently going through a rough patch in my life right now and am trying to get better coping resources. The deities have always been so important to me and I would love to get closer to them.

I am currently looking for a deity who specializes in self-esteem, controlling emotions, being happy,disciplined,confident,bettering oneself etc. It does not have to be all of these, it could be at least one of these themes but the more they have of these the better! I don't have a specific pantheon in mind, they could be from anywhere.

It also doesn't have to be a deity, it could be any spiritual being like a demon, angel, spirit animal, spirit companion etc. Just as long as they have good intentions.

Thanks for taking your time to read this,

Kiwi Mage
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Re: Deities of Self-Esteem?
By: / Beginner
Post # 2
I'd pick any Goddess who was known for being a Mother type if I was you. The nurturing nature they have might be what you need. As for which one is right for you to work with? Only you can figure that out. Just look up some and find one that "clicks" or you at least feel comfortable with. Then light a candle in the Goddess or God's name and talk with them. Tell them everything that is going on and what you need. They'll listen and will help. Oh and if you can, find what types of offerings the deity prefers (outside of blood sacrifices of course - we aren't that type of pagan anymore lol). I always thought it was a sign of respect that when you called on a deity for help that an offering should be made. Sometimes all that requires is the burning of certain incense or even the gift of spring flowers.
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Re: Deities of Self-Esteem?
By: / Novice
Post # 3
Well, you might wish to get in touch with your guardian angel, spirit guide, or spirit animal for help if you belief in them. Meditate and try calling to your guide for help. It might take some time, but keep an open mind. Reflect on your guide throughout the day. You might also wish to make an altar specific for them and leave daily offerings for them. [Use whatever feels right to you]

While I don't know of a deity of self-esteem [would be nice though] I think any deity would bring the best out in you if you have a connection to you. A maternal Goddess might be best, but I know people who work with 'dark' deities who have found joy and inner strength with them. Try researching deities of various paths, start with places you have an interest in [Egyptology or Norse mythology for example] or your family history [say your part Native, part Welsh, look up regional deities] that could help you narrow down the deity. You may also look into hobbies or interests of yours.

In the mean time you could consider carrying/wearing agate, jade or tigers eye to help you with inner strength.
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