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New to honey jar
Post # 1
Hi, I am new to honey jar and I just started one to get a friend to sweeten up to me as we had a fallout approximately a month ago. I have kept a petition paper with our names Cris crossed and wishes written around it in a circle. Since I did not have any personal concerns, I have not added anything else. Yes, a little cinnamon stick is in there wrapped in the petition. I have been lighting candles on top of it on alternate days. White and red ones alternatively. Its a very miniature jar that I have and the wax puddles have started forming all over it. The candles are anointed with rose oil/water and have the targets name inscribed on it. Am I doing it right?
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Re: New to honey jar
By: / Novice
Post # 2
When it comes to honey jars they generally work slow.
I suggest praying over your jar when you burn candles on top of it.
I would roll the candle in herbs that support your work that you are doing.
Fix the candle with prayers and psalms for friendship and reconciliation I would burn a blue candle for the peace and a pink for friendship.
If you work any honey jar for reconciliation I would add herbs that bring in peace and for reconciliation.
Pink is for friendship and Blue for peace.
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Re: New to honey jar
Post # 3
Thank you so much Vodouisant. So at least I am not doing anything wrong. The problem is that we dont get too many colored candles around here and hence the inclination towards white. One strange thing I observed is that till yesterday, there was a lot of wax build up on the jar. Today I lit a white candle and by the time it burnt out, the previous residue too were burnt away. The jar had a much cleaner look. I don't know how to interpret it. Any clues? Sorry I am being a little na?ve.
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Re: New to honey jar
Post # 4
Can someone please clarify this for me?
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