An Interest in Magick

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An Interest in Magick
Post # 1
Okay, so this is sort of a question. What i want to know is why are some people really drawn to magic/k while others more likely chose to accept it as farce whie some just dont care.

Reson being is that today i was thinking bck to what got me interested in magick in the first place. And yes, it was television, but it was a bit different than most people i think who get into it by TV. I wasnt into flying or invisibilty (well the see through person kind at least, not just going un-noitced more). When i was maybe 6 or 7, my mom was watching an old movie called "Skeleton Key."

Now i dont remember the movie much or what i was like at the time, but i do remember the movie got me really sparked. The thing i was drawn to most was the idea of Circles. Now i dont actually remember if or where in the movie had a circle, but i know that i got in a lot of trouble at home because after the movie hyped me i drew a circle with letters around it instead of runes, and i remember some sybols as well. Inside it i put a person, just a general figure i knew i wanted to make it like more of an instruction sheet if you understand that, not a circle to work with. more of a diagram. anyway i remember it was a circle, it had the letters, and in the cardinal points i also had things. all i remember is a feather... maybe in the east and a bowl somewhere too...

Like i said i got in a lot of trouble for it but i've never forgotten drawing it. it was like my first real step into looking at crafts. i more got into chi and the such after because my parents are strict penecostals so magic is pretty bad to them... not something i totally agree on if at all. Anyway, since then i just have an extreme fascination with circles. i want to learn different kinds and how and why to cast them.

Another thing i remember was that in the movie a girl made a line of salt i think to keep some evil thing out, i later learned that salt is to some a purifing agent, so i guess that bit was a little true... i used to walk around with salt a lot after that, as a good luck charm in a bag.

Anyway, memory aside, i want to know why some people are just more attracted to things than others? is it some kind of call or just the normal psychology of attraction? Thanks for anything.
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Re: An Interest in Magick
Post # 2
well, most of the people associate magick with Hollywood, they see magic as just Hollywood stuff or part of childish stories or games, that's why most of the people see magick as a "Hollywood lie"
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Re: An Interest in Magick
Post # 3
I was attracted to magic and by proxy, sorcery, by culture, the fairytales I grew up on, and my early expirences growing up in Alaska.

We live in an information age, were the Judeo-Christian norms are falling away and people are seeking out other means of spirituality. And you can easily tell the psychological aspects from what is most appealing to people.

Chaos magick is extremely popular, particularly sigil magic, because it's easy to do and easy to comprehend. Earth religions are extremely popular for those that like connecting into the wider expanse in ecological terms. Ceremonial is perfect for those that get into the extremely deep psychological alignments and esoteric symbolism. Reconstructional religions are of course, those hungry for heritage and the past.

They all appeal for very different reasons, to different crowds.
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Re: An Interest in Magick
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 4
I was being taught witchcraft/magic from a very early age; but I didn't know it! I thought my "teacher" was just telling me things that I was not being told at school. Witchcraft was against the Law at that time.
I was 17 when my "teacher" admitted that she was a witch. I asked her to teach me witchcraft. She said,
"I've been teaching you since you were six years old!".
So, I was a witch without being aware of it!
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Re: An Interest in Magick
Post # 5
The idea of Magick drew me in, the idea of it is unique compared to many other ideas. I started studying when I was 14 ish and delved into meditation to try Astral Projection, and never did succeed. So I studied more and eventually decided to formally study Dragons. ( By formally study I mean look for good, believable information from a credible source )

So now I continue to study, but I don't practice Magick by casting spells mainly because I'm rubbish with that sort of thing. Not much to say other than that.
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Re: An Interest in Magick
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 6
This thread has been moved to Misc Topics from General Info.
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Re: An Interest in Magick
By: / Novice
Post # 7
Ever since i can remember i loved all things occult
Magic and super natural
In my early 30s i became interested in Religions
And by years end i had a huge calling to learn magick
I read books by the piles, after 4 years i had the calling to start to practice and that was that.By calling I mean a powerful
Urge that i could not resist or shake.
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Re: An Interest in Magick
Post # 8
mi, am not like that people coz am suching someone who can teach magic
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