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Forums -> Spell Suggestions -> Energy

Post # 1
Hello all. My name is Erde, and I have no energy.

I would like for someone to suggest plants, or even foods, that could provide not only physical energy, but magickal energy, as I have neither, and I miss practicing, but it is nothing but draining lately. I do spells for energy gain, but I only receive energy drains. Any and all help would be appreciated.

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Re: Energy
Post # 2

Meditation is a very powerful tool and often the easiest to access in terms of magical energy.

While meditating, visualize yourself as a tree. Your feet are your roots and your arms and head are its branches. Ground yourself by visualizing your roots coming from your body, seeping into the ground, and gaining energy from the earth. Take that energy and fill yourself up. From your toes, to the very top of your head. Visualize the bad icky energy coming out and leaving your branches, or your head. If you have any further questions or fancy a chat, my mail box is always open.

Good luck to you.

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Re: Energy
Post # 3
above method is to get energy from can also draw energy from fire,water and many sources.The most helpfull to me was the moons really helps.
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Re: Energy
By: / Novice
Post # 4

You have no energy?

If you physically have no energy, then seek medical advise, a loss of energy can be caused by several underlying health issues that will need medical treatment.

And to point out, casting spells drains energy, so you unless you are grounding or gaining energy from elsewhere to cast a spell, it will simply drain more energy.

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Re: Energy
Post # 5
One of them is to spin round and round in circles with your hands wide open turning clockwise
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Re: Energy
By: / Beginner
Post # 6
I agree with the above post in that you need to clarify what you mean with "having no energy". If it is a physical thing, feeling drained all the time, it is very common in winter months (depending on where you reside) to have low vitamin D levels. This causes low energy, pale skin and feeling of down. You can easily buy a supplement over the counter for vitamin D, but if you are using a high amount such as 5,000 units, you will want to check with your PCP first to make sure this is a safe level. You can also use light therapy, which actually does a lot. It generally only takes about 15 minutes a day but some tent to use it more. You don't look directly at the light, but have it on so your eyes are within view of it. They sell for a rather inexpensive prices at most drug stores.

There are many herbs also used for energy. I have used one in the past for en energy boost. This is whole cumin seed soaked over night in cows milk, then dried, crushed and mixed with spring water and a little bit of sugar-I generally replace the sugar with honey or blue agave. I take one table spoon. I feel its better then those energy drinks, but this is by no means a solution for having no energy all the time. That is used once in a while, generally after a strenuous work out. Its more of a recovery elixir then anything. So if this is all the time, I would highly recommend seeking out advice from your doctor. Diet changes might be a simple solution and can do wonders once you find what plants and foods work for you.

If your energy drain is more mental then physical I agree with the above and you should focus on meditation and centering yourself. If you have a lot of stress in your life or if you have trouble severing connections with others in your life, this can mentally drain your energy without realizing it.

If your spells are causing the opposite effect you are looking for, it may be that you have over cast on this area. I would focus less on casting and more on diet changes and meditation.

Good luck and I hope that you are able to find some answers.
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Re: Energy
Post # 7
Mediation and yoga is the best way to boost the can just do the half hour daily than you feel energetic whole day.
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Re: Energy
Post # 8

I havea spell that should fix that problem...

First meditate for about 2-5mins and focus on all sensations in your skin.

once you feel completely relaxed an ready.

Chant: I am drained, i am drained

return my ki unto me

i am drained, i am drained

lord and lady, hear my plea

triple goddes Hecate

please assist me with energy

so mote it be

before attempting make sure you have some experience in visualization. let me know the results

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