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Need some help here ..
Post # 1
I am totally a newbie and I am not afraid to admit it. My question is this: When making your own spell, how can you figure out the day, moon phase, color, etc.. Also do all spell need to be done in a circle?
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Re: Need some help here ..
By: / Novice
Post # 2

I suppose you mean the correct correspondences, well in reality it is not necessary to abide by the moon, day, color, etc.; many don't actually. However, if you are interested in knowing them; there are a couple of articles here of general associations; check the Articles tab on the top of the page. It is not necessary for all spells to be done in a circle, that is highly related to specific practices rather than a necessity for everyone to do.

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Re: Need some help here ..
Post # 3
there are many articles about spell making.they also give good tips.try to read them.
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Re: Need some help here ..
By: / Beginner
Post # 4
Some people prefer to cast a circle for all of their spells, but this is generally not required. It is personal preference. The circle is a shield of protection and many find comfort in connecting when casting a circle, but generally it is not required for casting spells.

As for the moon phases, seasons and such, each spell is different and relying on different moon phases can aid in what you are trying to accomplish. If you are interested in understanding the moon cycles and what they mean (waning, waxing etc..) I would do some research first. This will give you a better understanding of what the moon cycle means. I work with a fertility goddess and most of the fertility spells rely on the waxing moon cycle, as the moon is growing in size (as a woman's belly when the baby grows) much of it is symbolic.

I would agree with the other posts in that educating yourself and researching will help you figure out what direction you are drawn towards.

I also feel that creating and writing your own spells are more effective, and most of the spells on this site are unreliable as it is hard to authenticate their validity. (anything fantasy-growing wings, turning invisible, changing into a dragon or coffee mug are all fake spells) So I tend to compose my own. Since you are new I wouldn't start out casting, I would research and understand the aspects of casting, the effect you are looking for, the offerings, the repayment risks etc. There is a wealth of knowledge out there in many books and you can educate yourself and grow just from a little research.

I hope this helps and that you find your path! Good luck!
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Re: Need some help here ..
Post # 5
Thank you all for the helpful information. I have been reading the articles and trying some of the more simple spells. My real problem is this. I want to make a spell that shows the true colors of a woman that used me to steal a male friend from me. I really loved this man and all of a sudden he just walked away, telling me he wanted nothing to do with me. I really think she is also a witch because she is always looking to me for different things. I told her in no certain terms our friendship is over then all of a sudden things just went south. I am cautious with her because I don't know how long she has been practicing and if she knows I found out she might try a revenge spell. It is not the reason I want him back but I want to break this spell over him. She is devious and she WILL do ANYTHING TO GET HER WAY. He may not return to me but at least I knew that I did something for him.
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