Bee witch mess up

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Forums -> Herbalism -> Bee witch mess up

Bee witch mess up
Post # 1

I do a lot of bee magick because the Lithuanian bee goddess Austeja decided we where going to talk and also because my family keeps bees

Over winter break I gathered some dead bees from under the hive (and sang to the hive for them in return) but a couple of them where starting to mold in the jar I had them in on my alter. I deiced to place them into the post I keep my herbs and other plants in to return them to the earth and hopefully bless the plants as well. Its totally backfired. My basil is 100% dead and my chamomile is on the way, and the nighshade is absolutely covered in aphids. Ive been combating it the best I can but seeing as I moved right before they all started having trouble its been rough going.

I don?t know what to do, and how to offer back to the bees to get there forgiveness, help?
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Re: Bee witch mess up
Post # 2
To me this sounds a lot like science, not an aspect of magick. Bees hold poison in their bodies, and they were also molded, so when you gave them back to the Earth and composted them you added that mold and poison to the soil. In return your plants absorbed that poison, and therefore passed.
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Re: Bee witch mess up
Post # 3
As for the aphids something in the soil may have potentially attracted them to your nightshade, possibly different hormones. I hope this can help clear everything up. Also I have never heard of bee magick before, could you explain more?
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Re: Bee witch mess up
Post # 4
yeh it does, now i can try treating them like that

bee magick is when one uses bees and hives and bee gods in there craft. Austeja has some bee practices for thous who follow her, like if and when you find a dead bee as you are out about your day your burry her. almost all of my spells have honey added to them, i often go and meditate with my families hives, things like that
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Re: Bee witch mess up
By: / Beginner
Post # 5
I agree with the other post, you should probably replace some of the soil to help replenish the nutrients. As for the bees this is unfamiliar to me, but I would return them to the ground, and in the spring give them an offering of a flowering plant you can plant in the ground near where they tent to harvest. This at least can be a connection back to this particular hive for you.

Hopefully you can work on saving the herbs. Good luck! There is nothing worse then watching your plants die.
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