Spell, pink/white skull..

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Spell, pink/white skull..
Post # 1
I looking for an effective spell using a white or pink skull candle to save my marriage and get my husband back and not want divorce and rid all his heart and mind of bad times in our marriage, get control away from some else who has influencing him to break up our marriage and that he only wants me and stop all and any forms of cheating as he is doing now but get rid of problems in our marriage but not controlling just putting his behavior and feelings back to me as were before his complete personality change in one weeks time. I have a red and pink candle on its way and a skull candle mold maker to.
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Re: Spell, pink/white skull..
Post # 2

A bit confused why you put this in the Vodou section of the forums.

Anyways, if you are going to do a spell, you should probably spend the time to it make yourself. As in my experiances they seem to be more effective than just looking up a premade spell on the internet. If you do a spell for something like that who am I to judge? But it probably won't change someones personality and urges. You could help the situation as best to your abilities, but don't expect a spell to solve your problems 100 percent of the way as they won't

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Re: Spell, pink/white skull..
By: / Novice
Post # 3
What can be done is a reconciliation with pink candles and a blue master candle to bring the peace in the relationship you can make a pink skull or a red skull to make him think about you in a loving way you use pink and red roses to add power to your spell or any herbs that correspond with the work but I would suggest do a reading and some road opener to make the spell go smooth and remember the spell wont instantly make you come back together it takes time but also remeber to spend time with him do things together to add a effect to the spell
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