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help, please
Post # 1
in one of my lives i found my twinflame and we are literally two halves of each other, and since that life I've never heard from them, even on the astral, until recently. I really, really want to be with them again but i don't want to die and i can astral project but it isn't..'enough', really. It hurts a lot and is there anyway to fix this?
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Re: help, please
Post # 2
hello their.
That's absolutely fantastic you found your twin flame.
If you drop me a mail I may be able to help you with this.
I've also found my twin flame and am... different from most people.
With out going into detail, if you have memories not of here, if you feel misplaced and view those around you as slightly strange or a little illogical... You might be from somewhere else.
Many people may not of heard of starseeds, but those of you who have have probably read that they are good willed people who aim to bring love and joy to the earth... yeh, right?
Starseeds are varied as humans are and some do while others come to research while others come just to spend some time and chill. Twin flame and twin ray ritual contracts are something that happen off of taera as well as on but are more popular off of taera.
I know this post may be a little freeky rofl but yeh. In terms of bonding you with your twin flame, [providing you have found her/him in this life] that I can help with. I can help stabalise the bond and make sure it goes relatively smoothly.
Of course a lot of it is down to you and the twin flame. But, I can help. either drop me a mail or email me:
this goes for any one else too, starseed or curious. thanks
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