casting spells

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casting spells
Post # 1
I have tried casting spells but they don't work i do believe in magic especially fairy spells pliz help so that my spells will work.
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Re: casting spells
Post # 2
I'm new here, but I noticed you hadn't been replied to yet, so I'd like to take a stab at this question for you.

Magick is a useful tool for those with belief, but you should understand first and foremost that we live in a world that is bound by the flesh. In this meaty shell we live in, the spiritual world often comes through only in synchronicity, in flashes at the corner of your eyes, and in wild splashes of inspiration, imagination, or dreaming.

Here in this plane of existence, however, you should not think you can throw fireballs, or summon a dragon, or become a werewolf. The honest truth, as I've discovered in my practice, is that you really CAN do these things, just not in a way that will alter reality. Thus, you can take on the fierceness of a werewolf, you can call upon the wisdom of the archetypes upon which humans have crafted myths about dragons, and you can even hurl fire out of the end of your fingertips, but not in a way that alters the physical plane. It will effect you, but only because you are a creature both physical AND spiritual... it will not effect the realm that exists as solely physical.

This type of magick requires altered states of consciousness, which is most likely the part of the equation that you are missing.

Study meditation, visualization, and altered states of consciousness. Read some Carlos Castaneda if you want to take it a step further, but remember not to do anything illegal unless you are willing to pay the consequences. You will not be able to cause change in the world unless you can cause a change within yourself, because when it comes down to it, your perception of the world is what crafts the world around you.
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Re: casting spells
Post # 3
Ok, i suggest reading the basic's and learning what magic is and isn't. It'll clear a lot up.

Moving on, magic isn't like the shows of charmed, teenage witch, halloween town, even youtube can lie.

Magic uses your mind, body and soul and i believe uses energy to manifest a change either good or bad.

You can't become a vampire, fairie, wolf, change eye color. You can't do anything fantasy, and if you claim to be able too, i think many will be rude and rate you a fluff.

Good luck. Message for help
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